British 🇬🇧ONCAMPUS undergraduate preparatory study experience

Long time no see, everyone uu 🥹The editor has really started to miss this series. I have written a lot about my reading experience before, and my friends said it was good . We will continue writing in this series✍️I hope you all like it❤️Let ’s take a look today How about connecting to Queen Mary's ONCAMPUS preparatory course ? 👍 We also invited our classmate Z who enrolled in January 2023 to write about her study experience

❓Tell us a little about yourself

❗️I used to study Alevel in the UK, but because I failed the Alevel exam in 2022, I could only come to study as a preparatory course. Then I met Wang Wanwan, and then I came here because I liked London~

❓What pathway are you studying now?

❗️I am currently studying the scientific engineering pathway, because I want to study computer science in the future, so it corresponds to this scientific engineering pathway🔧

❓What do you mainly study? Can you briefly introduce it?

❗️Now I mainly study physics, mathematics and scientific skills. In fact, I think it is not difficult for domestic students, because mathematics is relatively simple linear equations of one variable, linear equations of two variables, and so on. A brief introduction to calculus, and then some cubic, quadratic, and straight line questions. Basically, it’s all about just trying it, so it’s not too difficult. Then in physics, it’s basically Newton’s first and third laws, vector vectors. To put it bluntly, as long as you listen carefully, it’s basically not difficult💯

❓How is the teacher’s teaching quality? Are the exams and assignments difficult?

❗️To be honest, the teaching quality of the teachers is pretty good, and they are quite considerate. Maybe I came from a British high school, and to put it bluntly, I am not very used to it, because in the preparatory course, the teachers basically treat you as a college student, and there are many The time is all self-study, and the second is that the reply speed is relatively slow. Maybe British people are like this, and I am used to it. For students who have just come to the UK, it may still take some time to adapt . I know this must be related to grades. Grades are also related to the admission rate. As I just said, in fact, as long as you listen carefully to the lectures, the homework and exams are not difficult. If you write the homework clearly, you will be able to pass the exam.

❓How about the facilities?

❗️The school facilities are not very good. The library is shared with the university. To be honest, if you see other college students studying hard, you will naturally work hard too. That kind of atmosphere is really not good . 🎉I would still recommend it be closed. Come here, there won’t be any problems like targeting or low admission rate.

Okay, that’s it for today’s study experience sharing. If you also think Queen Mary’s preparatory courses are good , welcome to dd us and apply for free🆓❤️

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