The difference between January matriculation and September matriculation in the UK

Most schools and majors in the UK offer admission in September . Of course, there are also many schools that offer admission in January ~

Today, let’s chat with friends who are preparing to go to the UK to study preparatory courses or who are worrying about when to pick up a preparatory course. What is the difference between preparatory courses that start in January and those that start in September ?

First of all, many friends will consider some intuitive factors, such as application timeline, start time, connection time and course fees❓

Some friends are also worried that if they enroll in January , they will not be able to cope with the fast-paced curriculum🍐Yalishan University 😨Some friends are worried that they can’t keep up with the courses and will fail ...

So the answer here is NO

Preparatory courses for admission in January and September are the same except for slight differences in specific time points✔

1️⃣Application time

🖇️ Students studying in the UK who start school in September usually start applying in January📝 In this way, the subsequent application timeline will not be too tight, causing students to feel tired and anxious in the later stages of application💔

✨The application time for those who plan to start school in September is as follows⬇

1 🈷Prepare for IELTS exam

3 🈷Prepare for IELTS scores

6 🈷Select projects that still have quotas, submit application materials and submit the application

8 🈷Receive the offer and go through the visa procedures

9 🈷Go to the UK and enroll successfully

🖇️For students who are preparing to start school in January , they generally need to prepare for the application in May or June of the previous year📝

For those who start school in January , the application time is as follows⬇

6 🈷Prepare for IELTS exam

8 🈷Prepare for IELTS exam

11 🈷Submit IELTS scores and personal materials to get an offer from your favorite school

12 🈷Visa procedures

1 🈷Go to the UK and enroll successfully

2️⃣School start time

Hit the key points ‼ ️‼ ️ The unified standard length of preparatory courses is three semesters, which is one academic year. The preparatory fee is charged based on one academic year💰 Therefore, regardless of whether you enroll in January or September , the tuition fees for these two periods are the same💰

📢It should be noted that the class time is different

✔️September admission : September to June of the following year

✔️ January admission : January to August Started school with matriculants from last September

⭐️Pros and cons analysis: Students who start classes in September have longer study time, and the study pace is relatively chiller☕️ And you will have a whole summer vacation next year to escape from this food desert in the UK and fall into the nourishing embrace of motherland🤤 You can also choose to travel around Europe with your friends and enjoy the sunshine and beaches of the Mediterranean🏖  Those who start classes in January may need to invest more in their studies📖 However, compared with students who enroll in September , those who take preparatory courses in January can enter the main undergraduate study state faster and adapt to the British teaching model and environment faster🧐 In addition, the number of students enrolling in January is usually smaller, so teachers can provide more personalized tutoring for each student, giving students a better teaching experience💡

3️⃣Connection time

Those who started school in September will be connected to the main courses in September of the next year, while those who started school in January will be connected to the main courses in September of the current year📚

⭐️This is the end of this issue . I hope the above discussion can inspire and help all students💡

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