Guide to applying for full preparatory courses in the UK in January

The September preparatory course has started. Many students 👨🏻‍🎓 have just started preparing to apply. Do you think that if you miss the September preparatory course, you will have to wait another year? In fact, that is not the case. There is still a January preparatory course for you to choose from. Next year I will start school with my preparatory students in September this year! Let’s take a look at how to prepare for January

🔆Understand the types of preparatory courses in January:

✔️The preparatory course of our school: The preparatory course established by the university. The majors you will study in the future have certain limitations. You must also participate in the school's written examination and interview.

✔️Group preparatory course: The choice of group preparatory course is more flexible, there are more majors and schools to choose from, and the admission rate is also higher

🔅 What materials are needed for the January preparatory course:

Like the September preparatory course, score certificates and language skills are required (the language score can be supplemented later). The specific score requirements are not much different from the September preparatory course.

🔅Things to do before applying:

🔺Find a reliable agent, find out which majors and schools currently have vacancies for January preparatory courses, and filter based on your grades and ideal school. This step is very important!

🔺After determining the target school, prepare academic scores and language scores and submit materials

🔺After submitting the materials, it only takes a few days to receive the offer.

🔺 Start preparing for the visa around November. Once you get the visa, you can come to the UK.

🔅Schools and majors that are currently full:

🏫University of Southampton

Computer science-related majors are fully occupied

Business-related majors are fully occupied

🏫University of Glasgow

Business-related majors are fully occupied

🏫University of Birmingham

Business-related majors are fully occupied

🏫Durham University

Most business majors are full

All social science majors are full

For specific majors that are full, you can check the backend Didi Teacher

🔆How much does it cost to prepare?

💰Tuition fees: Tuition fees for each school and major are different, around 20,000-20,000 pounds

💰Accommodation fee: The amount of accommodation fee is related to the distance from the city center. It is about 1k pounds per month. You should also set aside 10,000 pounds from January to August.

💰Living expenses: Prices in the UK have dropped during this period. If you cook at home + eat out occasionally, it will cost almost 500 pounds a month, and 4k pounds should be set aside for living expenses.

Regardless of going out and buying some luxuries to attend parties, you will need to prepare about 40,000 pounds for preparatory life before August~

You really can’t find a more comprehensive guide to the UK’s January matriculation program❗️If you have decided to study for the January matriculation program , you can hurry up and prepare. The places for each major are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Apply for British matriculation, backend ✉Didi , submit the materials now, if it’s quick, you can get the offer in 3 days!

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