Are you studying in a private school for Alevel in the UK and want to transfer? Check out these schools!

There are some questions that students often ask. When they come to the UK to study in a private school, for some reasons, they don’t want to continue studying for Alevel in their current school . Can they transfer to another school❓Some students also say, “I want to transfer to xx school!”

In fact, most schools in the UK do not accept Alevel transfer❌ , only some schools can. The following editor has selected some good schools⬇️ ~

1⃣️ Abbey college Manchester

The only private school in the city center of Manchester, it is a modern-style private school that offers IGCSE, GCSE, Alevel and preparatory courses. The school has great football activities and provides more than 50 clubs for students to join. Tuition is cheap, tuition + accommodation. It’s about 350,000 yuan a year, which is friendly to students with limited budget.

2⃣️D LD London

This school is the only school in the UK that provides accommodation🏫 , and you can directly see the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament in the bustling area of ​​the city center through the dormitory windows. This school is not a traditional manor-style school. The school's architectural features are modern and almost all teaching facilities are brand new. If you are an art student, you can learn about this school. The school provides Art and Design, Drama and Threat Studies, Film Studies and Photography majors

3⃣️ Abbey college Cambridge

This school is also one of the schools known as the Oxbridge Conveyor . The school is famous for its science, engineering and business. Every year, 325 students are successfully admitted to G5 universities. There are many extracurricular activities. Chemistry competitions held in Oxford and Cambridge in February this year It ranked third in the UK, even far ahead of Eton and Harrow. In this year’s Alevel results, 55% of students got A*A, and 81% of students got A*B. Their results are still stable.

4⃣️Ambaid Secondary School (MPW)

A paradise for art students👏🏻~The school’s undergraduate preparatory course is recognized by UAL (University of the Arts London). It is basically no problem to use this diploma to apply for Central Saint Martins, London University of Fashion or other art universities. International students The number of students is 17%, each class will not exceed 8 people, and teaching is conducted in small classes

5⃣️Oxford International College

Students of this school should be familiar with it. It has been at the top of the list of British private schools for Alevel and GCSE results for more than three years. It has two campuses, namely Oxford (old campus) and Brighton (new campus), 66 % of the students got A*A grades in their A-level results💯 . It can be said to be a top-notch school.

The above are some schools that can be transferred to at the A level level. If you want to apply to a private school in the UK, please go to the backend✉Didi . Submit your materials now. If possible, an offer will be made in two weeks~

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