British Airways resumes direct flights between China and the UK & new requirements for flights to and from the UK

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

Good news ! ️On February 2nd, the news of the resumption of direct passenger flights from the UK to Shanghai and Beijing was officially announced . This is good news for many students studying in the UK🥳This article will summarize some information about Sino-UK flights and the requirements for traveling to and from the UK🙌🏻

🕙Direct flight time

London to and from Shanghai - one flight per day (flight number BA168/169)

London to and from Beijing - four flights per week (flight number BA88/89)

💷Air ticket prices

The price range ranges from 8k7 to 9k7 yuan

🔘Things to note when returning to the UK (updated in January)

▪️Prepare a paper version of the negative nucleic acid test certificate (within 48 hours), please note that it is a paper version! You need to print the electronic report and take it with you on the plane!

▪️No need to apply for a health code anymore

▪️Canceling centralized quarantine

🔘Notes on returning to the UK

▪️Returning to England from the mainland will require a new crown test result within two days. (No need to provide for children 11 years old and under)

▪️Original test results are required - language requirements are English, French, Spanish

▪️Method of providing test results - paper documents/e-mail or text message presented on mobile phone

▪️Documents need to contain the following information – Name/Date of Birth/Test Result/Test Date/Name of Testing Institution and ☎️ /Test Type Certification (Lateral Flow Antigen Test or PCR Test)

🔘Experience of returning to the UK from a senior student: I need to do nucleic acid tests when I return to the UK! Although many students said that the airport staff did not check it after arriving in the UK, domestic airlines require that you have it, otherwise they will directly refund your ticket and prevent you from getting on the plane. After arriving in the UK, a staff member will take you to a hut for nucleic acid testing. You can refuse directly and go to customs.

After the resumption of direct flights, normal operations between China and the UK have almost resumed. Although the fare is a little more expensive than before, it does save a lot of trouble. Students should still pay attention to changes in immigration policies in a timely manner. Students who have plans for a round-trip itinerary between China and the UK in the near future can save it🌟 !

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