Landing 🇬🇧 How to go through customs and enter the country lying flat

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

The first problem that many friends encounter when coming to the UK is how to successfully pass customs Get your luggage Then leave the country smoothly Here is a summary of some spoken vocabulary for you Help everyone enter the country smoothly ~ ☺️

1⃣️After getting off the plane Go with the flow of people You will see the arrival sign Keep following the instructions Walk to the customs 🛃 Select all other passports  UK Border is the Customs Department

2⃣️See the customs clearance He will first ask you to show your passport and then ask you to hold out your fingers for fingerprint collection.  ThumbRight sideright sideleft sideindex finger _ _ _ 

3⃣️The next step is that he will ask you some simple questions For details on the specific conversation, please see the previous 📒 Here is a list of keywords😅

Study inProfessional purposePurpose of coming to the UKWhich universityWhich university address/live/stayAsk the address, sponsorshipWho sponsors you to studyHow longHow long do you want to stay in the UKDegreeAsk whether you are a bachelor or master

4⃣️Answer the questions Exit I'm about to get my luggage. Follow the signs for baggage reclaim

5⃣️When picking up luggage If your luggage is lost You can go and tell the officer like this

 I can't find my luggage. Would you mind help me check it urgently?

The officer may ask you for a boarding pass , claim tag, or luggage ticket. And the passport even requires you to describe it. The color of the luggage, how many pieces, the number of pieces , the size of the luggage.

⚠️ Luggage baggage can mean luggage

6⃣️After taking the luggage, it is time to declare to the customs

Customs may ask 

Do you have anything to declare ? Cigarettes cigarettes liquor luxury luxury medicine 💊 products It would be unfortunate if he said pay duty on it You have to pay tax ... 😅However , customs declarations are randomly checked I stated that I have gone through customs multiple times when entering the country. never been checked Remember to hold your head high and chest high Entry with ease You won't be investigated! 😎

㊗️Everyone can enter the country smoothly Do you have any problems going through customs? Welcome to share and communicate below!

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