How much money do you need to prepare for a year of preparatory studies? Must read before studying abroad

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in British preparatory and secondary schools.

Students often ask how much it costs to study for a master's degree in the UK for one year💰. Today I will take you to analyze it together . Prepare a sufficient budget before coming to study abroad💷

tuition fee

Different schools and majors have different tuition fees . Please refer to the information released by the school for details📒

🏫University of Southampton:

20,000-28,500 pounds/year

🏫University of Glasgow:

25,000-27,000 pounds/year

🏫Lancaster University:

20,000-24,000 pounds/year

🏫University of Bristol:

23,000-24,000 pounds/year

🏫University of Sheffield:

Liberal arts: 18,500-21,000 pounds per year

Science and engineering: 20,000-21,500 pounds per year

If you want to know the specific tuition fees of a certain major, you can go to the backend Didi

🏠Accommodation :

Rental costs vary in different cities. In London, it costs 1,200+ 💷 /month. Better locations and houses cost more, around 800 pounds outside of London. Better studios with breakfast and a cleaning lady will cost more. The price is above 1,000 pounds. Of course, the location is closer to the city center, with convenient transportation and comfortable life.

💯Tips for saving money: If you want to live cheaply, you can choose to share a house with other people. If the location is further away from the city center, the price will be lower~

🍔Diet :

🥣Cooking for yourself: capped at £400

🥣Cooking your own food + eating out 2 times a week: £600

Cooking for yourself can be said to be super saving money, and it also exercises your cooking skills. Of course, it also requires a lot of perseverance. Most of my friends will give up after a week or two🙅🏻 and instead eat takeout and white rice. …..

🚌Transportation :

Student bus ticket one way: £1.40

If you live close to the school and can walk, you can save this money.

In addition, taking a taxi in the UK is much more expensive than in China because labor costs are high. Uber is cheaper at 7 pounds/3 miles.

Some schools will also have 🆓 bus routes, such as the 147 bus in the University of Manchester. Just show your student ID. You can learn about it in advance~

🎫Air tickets:

Air tickets have become much cheaper since the love affair ended. A round trip in the summer costs only 600 pounds, and a round trip in the winter vacation only costs 1,000 pounds. However, many people around me will stay in the UK during the winter vacation, looking for internships or part-time jobs to enrich themselves. experience!

🛍Shopping + Playing

If you travel once a month and add other shopping expenses, the monthly living expenses will be 400 pounds

Summary: If you live a good life, you will travel and shop regularly. The total cost of a year's master's preparatory course is 4,000 pounds. If you want to save some, the money-saving tips are also noted in the front. You can study them carefully. As a The old senior suggested that you must find a part-time job and an internship to experience the British workplace culture, and you can also subsidize your life. Why not!

Want to 🈸️British preparatory course, backstage✉️Didi , submit the application materials now, if you hurry, you can get the offer the next day!

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