Who said students with three majors can't get a master's degree from a prestigious British university! ? 😡

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

Today is good news for those friends who are not in an ideal undergraduate school and want to improve their academic qualifications by studying for a British graduate school🍻Some people say: Academic qualifications are not perfect, but without academic qualifications it is absolutely impossible (Wozki Shuode) A good academic qualification is to find A springboard for a good job, a good academic qualification, and a brighter and brighter life! So!!! Does a bad undergraduate school mean that you can’t get a good graduate school? Does this mean that life is over ? Big leak! Let me tell you!

Although most British schools have their own lists, there are always unexpected situations. For example, independent colleges such as Zhuhai Institute of Technology and Jiahua College of Beijing Institute of Technology and Business, which are affiliated with the 985 211 famous schools, often make the British admissions office confused. I understand that schools like KCL and UCL have had "accidents" in admissions in the past! 😯

But there are also schools that are not speculative🏫For example, the Winchester School of Art at the University of Southampton is very friendly to students with three subjects. Those with high average scores can give it a try! There are also Newcastle University, York University, University of Liverpool (except Business School), University of Leicester, University of Sussex. These universities all accept three institutions , but the majors will be restricted🚫We need to analyze specific issues in detail!

A low academic background is a flaw, but we can use soft skills to enhance our application advantages🉑️

1⃣️Improve your academic performance GPA . Higher-ranking universities such as Southampton and York need an average score of at least 85 points to have a greater chance of admission📖

2⃣️Professional experience: A steady stream of practical experience while in school , as well as club experience, competition experience and other related professional practical experience are great bonuses in the application process☺️

3⃣️ PS A good essay can at least reflect your GPA 0.5 to 1 points. Wang Wanwan’s essay was drafted by a Chinese teacher to fit the student’s own background and proofed by a lady with a Ph.D. in Oxford literature to achieve the greatest degree of relevance. In line with the school’s preferences and language standardization👏

The above is about how students from three universities can successfully counterattack and work hard to become a master's degree from a prestigious university. It is not a dream! Undergraduate degree is just the starting point of life, not the end . If you have any questions about the application, you can kick us in the background~

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