🇬🇧Sheffield Master’s Preparatory Program-Professional Introduction & Details

Everyone should be familiar with the University of Sheffield. Many UUs have considered applying for the Sheffield Master's Preparatory Program. After this year's hard work, they can then enter the 96th school in the world for the final year of the master's program. However, After this period of observation, many UUs are not sure what they can apply for and what they cannot apply for. Even for master's preparatory courses, background and scores are required (not a list) ✅The editor below chooses Analysis of some popular majors📈

The score requirements are as follows: 3-year full-time college (with diploma) 80% / 4-year full-time undergraduate (double certificate) 70% / 4-year full-time undergraduate (only diploma) 80% / 3-year full-time college + 2 years 70% for renewal ❗️The above score requirements apply to all Sheffield Master ’s Preparatory Programs❗️

Regardless of background major ⬇️ (Choose some popular majors): Creative and cultural industry management, cultural data management and communication, cultural heritage management, data science, digital culture and communication, East Asian business, education, Youer education, language and Education, Finance and Accounting, Global History, Human Resource Management, Information Management, International Management, International Management and Marketing, Law, International Relations, Cyber ​​Security and Human Intelligence, Musicology, Management, 🦷Public Health , etc.❗️ What does it mean? It doesn’t depend on your background. It means that no matter what major you studied before or what job you did after graduation, you can apply for these majors✅

Look at the background major⬇️ (select some popular majors): Digital Culture and Communication, Digital Culture and Education, Digital Architecture and Design, Global Journalism, Financial Economics, International Studies, Urban Design and Planning, City and Regional Planning , Money, Aviation and Finance, Journalism, International Public and Communication, Aerospace Materials, Advanced Metallurgy, Advanced Mechanical Engineering, Advanced Computing, Energy Engineering and Management, Sustainable Agricultural Technology, Systems Neuroscience , statistics, dry drama and regenerative medicine, wireless communications, etc. ❗️What does it mean? It means that the above majors require you to have taken relevant courses as an undergraduate before you can apply.

Q: My undergraduate major is mechanical engineering, but I have been working in the media industry for more than 6 years. Can I apply for its media major?

A: Yes, but case by case. A personal statement is required and a detailed resume is required. We have encountered such cases before, but we were still successfully admitted after being drunk.

Q: My undergraduate major is broadcasting and hosting, but most schools in the UK do not recognize broadcasting and hosting majors as media. Can I apply?

A: Yes, the master's preparatory program will not be stuck in the list. The master's preparatory program recognizes broadcasting and hosting as media majors.

Q: After I finish the master's preparatory program, will my grades and scores for prerequisite qualifications be stuck when I enter this school?

A: No, only looking at your pre-master’s results means that your previous academic qualifications are no longer the threshold for advancing to a master’s degree.

There are few places for preparatory master's programs in Sheffield for admission in September 2023. If you don't find the major you want to study here, you might as well come to Didi. Secondly, if you have questions about your academic qualifications and want 🈸️uu , you can also go to Didi. If If you can’t pass the exam, you can come and study a language class one or two months in advance . Applications for January 2024 are now open, so don’t hesitate any longer❗️We are free of charge to apply❤️

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