Ranked among QS100❗️Full guide to apply for Nottingham Master’s Preparatory Program

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in middle school and preparatory courses🌍

British Master's Preparatory Course The earlier you apply, the sooner The sooner you get the offer So you should start planning and applying in advance❗️

Today is the complete application guide for the University of Nottingham Master’s Preparatory Program Nottingham's Master's Preparatory Program is a fast track for international students to enter Nottingham to study for a master's degree, and they enjoy the same school resources as our students. 🎉Nottingham finally squeezed into 🌍 QS100 this year, greatly enhancing its competitive advantage! Moreover, the University of Nottingham is an old and well-known institution. Enjoys high reputation both at home and abroad 👍


The University of Nottingham's Master's Preparatory Program is offered to three types of students

1⃣️ Domestic inter-professional students applying for a master’s degree must first take a master’s preparatory course

2⃣️Domestic college graduates

3⃣️Domestic undergraduate junior students

👍The University of Nottingham in the UK has a variety of preparatory majors, including biology, biomedical science, built environment, English, chemistry and environmental engineering, chemistry, civil engineering, clinical science, community health science, computer science and information technology, Modern Chinese studies, economics, education, psychology, electrical and electronic engineering, engineering surveying and spatial surveying, geography, etc.

✨Admission requirements

1⃣️Undergraduate students: four-year undergraduate students ( with diploma and degree certificate), average score of 70% ;

2⃣️College students: three-year college students, average score of 80%

3⃣️IELTS : 4.5-5.5

✨Application materials

Application form reference ✉️Two letters PS ➕High school enrollment certificate or diploma ➕IELTS transcript

✨Application time

Applications open every October

✨Admission requirements

Obtain a bachelor's degree with good grades, IELTS 6.5 or above, and some majors in the business school require IELTS 7.0 ; MBA requires three years of work experience. Those who do not meet the English requirements can also apply. Students can first go to the university language center or other language schools to learn the language , university graduates in liberal arts and other majors can change majors and apply for computer graduate students.

✨Tuition fees💰

💷 23000-33000

This is the complete guide to applying for undergraduate preparatory courses at the University of Nottingham. What questions do you have? Remember Didi us Now my brother is handing me the materials Offer available in 2⃣️weeks🉐️

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