What is it like to transfer to another school🇬🇧Abbey Cambridge A2 course👀

🌟The next thing I want to share with you is the interview record and experience of senior W who transferred to another school🇬🇧Abe Middle School A-Level course in the second year🔍Friends , come and watch together🎉🫶🏻

❓Have you encountered any problems with your schoolwork? Is it a big burden?

W: There will definitely be problems encountered in class, but generally speaking, if it is an academic problem, just ask the teacher directly. The teachers are very willing to answer your questions. Then there is the language aspect. In fact, If your IELTS listening level is 6.5, you don’t need to worry about not being able to understand what the teacher is saying in class. You can basically understand 90% of the time. It’s just that there are some academic terminology that you don’t understand, but this is normal, as long as you take notes frequently and write them down. I think the academic pressure is okay, and there is no problem in arranging my time carefully.

❓After transferring to another school, what do you think is the difference between classes in China?

W: There is still a difference. There are usually small classes here, but in China, there may be twenty or thirty people in a class. Also, the teacher here speaks very slowly. In fact, some content can be covered in half a class, but the teachers here will teach for two or three classes, and the learning method is different from that in China. Teachers here will treat every student as if they have zero knowledge, while Chinese teachers tend to assume that students understand everything they should know and can just understand the formulas and solve the questions directly. But the teachers here don’t think so, they will break it down very finely.

❓What is the environment and climate like in the school? Is transportation convenient?

W: The climate is very comfortable, neither dry nor hot. Usually during holidays, we will choose to go to surrounding cities for a walk and shopping. The main means of transportation here is trains. Generally speaking, the distance between cities is not too far, so taking a bus The train is quite convenient.

❓In addition to studying, what other activities do you have in your spare time?

W: On weekends, I usually stay in the dormitory by myself. Then I can sleep in in the morning and relax a little on weekends. Then in the afternoon, I usually go to the city center to buy some daily necessities and look around. Is there any fresh seafood in the market? Make a meal at home and invite friends to have dinner or something like that. The last thing is to go to the gym regularly to exercise. After all, the fitness culture in the UK is stronger than in China!

❓How is the dormitory environment and accommodation conditions?

W: I think the dormitory environment is good. The house I live in is about 50 square meters. The kitchen is very well-equipped, with microwaves, refrigerators, induction cookers, etc., which is pretty good. Then the normal infrastructure is there. But I personally prefer studio apartments, where I feel more relaxed and comfortable alone.

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