🇬🇧High school interview experience summarized by tutoring N students

Fried Fish Zui is also very busy recently⏰School is about to start🏫And then all kinds of follow-up, such as guardians, visas, make-up classes, etc. are being dealt with🥹I just have time today to summarize our enrollment in September this year, whether it is GCSE or Alevel Interview skills for students ✅Hurry up and check it out✍️

To successfully pass the interview, you need to understand the content and criteria of the interview and the logic behind it, and then the problem will be solved. First of all, there is no way to learn English quickly⏰ , it can only be accumulated. We are not here to teach how to learn English, but to teach skills🧠Our own foundation and our skills are the right way✅Vocabulary , speaking and listening abilities. It’s a basic English question that belongs to you. We won’t go into details here. If the school doesn’t test it, it will definitely be tested👊

1⃣️Know clearly in advance what major you want to study in the future❗️Then work backwards to figure out what you need to do now. For example, if I want to study business in the future, then for my current Alevel , I just want to study mathematics, economics, business or other related subjects. . First see where your future goals are, and then see what you want to do to achieve your future goals . This is especially important for Alevel students❗️

2⃣️Understand the relevant information of the school in advance❗️The relevant information mentioned here refers to: what courses the school offers; whether the activities provided by the school are consistent with your interests and hobbies; what are the academic advantages of the school, etc., if If you don’t understand anything, you can ask the interviewer during the interview to let others know that you are actually learning about our school. Remember that the interview is a two-way selection process. The school is inspecting you, and you can also inspect the school❗️

3⃣️Write down your strengths and weaknesses in advance❗️The meaning behind it is that most schools will ask questions like this: You can tell me what subjects you are more interested in/what aspects need improvement/what aspects do you hope the teacher can provide? Questions like you offering help. In fact, I just want to understand your strengths and weaknesses ✅For example, your scientific thinking is poor, and you may need a little more help from the teacher in mathematics.

There is no right or wrong in the interview. All questions and answers are reasonable. Remember three points : 1⃣️Be confident and don’t be nervous 2⃣️Have a plan for the future 3⃣️Understand it in advance❗️

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