These are some common misunderstandings when applying to British private schools❌Don’t make them again❗️

1⃣️British private schools are easy to apply for❓

Fried Fish Backstage has received many private messages from parents who think that their children’s scores are among the top in China. Naturally, in the UK with happy education , they can choose private schools at will. You are wrong to think so❌

The basic requirement for studying abroad is to pass IELTS first❗️The better the private school, the higher the requirements. For example, if you want to apply for 11+ admission, the child must reach IELTS 6 or higher when he is about 10 years old, and he must have good English thinking skills and English skills. The ability to appreciate poetry is still very difficult for a primary school student.

Many high-quality private schools need to register on the official website two to three years in advance before they can start applying . It is completely impossible to apply for admission in the same year❌ Many parents think that they can easily choose a good school to study abroad when they reach the school age, but it is too late. La!

2⃣️My child went to a top school in China, and he also went to the best private schools to study abroad❓

Many parents think that if their children are top-notch in China, they can go to any of the nine major public schools to study abroad. Don’t look at the fact that every year, thousands of people compete for about 200 places in a public school. The content of the exam is something that many domestic children have never seen before. The entrance written test not only tests listening, speaking, reading and writing, but also tests spatial thinking, creative writing, logical reasoning, etc. The entrance interview tests the child's basic thinking, logical analysis, personality traits, etc., and even background checks are conducted on the parents.

This is not easy for children who are used to cramming education❗️

3⃣️Top 🔝 private schools can be entered if you have money❓

No Some parents think that as long as 💰 is provided, they can go to whichever private school they want. Fried Fish just wants to say: The high tuition fees are just the beginning of studying abroad❗️The leader of the promotion of " elite education " . Every year, there are royal families, children of political dignitaries, and children of celebrities and rich people from all over the world trying to get in. But if you have money, you can really get in. No way🙅

Let’s take Eton College as an example: the first step of the application is to register three years in advance, the second step is to take an online exam in Year 6 , and the third step is to submit a student report from the current school (including interests, hobbies, personality characteristics, achievements, etc.).

Then there is a second exam (questions developed jointly with the University of Cambridge and never published).

The last step is the interview.

😩If you fail these exams, no matter how rich you are, it won’t work🙅

4⃣️The higher the scores of private schools, the better❓

It’s not that high school grades only represent one aspect. Children must also have a comfortable environment to get twice the result with half the effort ⭕️ Some schools have high grades but a bad atmosphere, which affects the students’ mood. It will be even more painful if they encounter irresponsible teachers. Many of the private schools recommended by Fried Fish have gone through on-site inspections, because problems can often not be seen just by looking at the pictures on the official website. Only when you have seen them with your own eyes can you say that they are responsible for their students.

There are also some schools that implement an " elimination system " and will dissuade students when they fail to meet a certain standard. Too much learning pressure is often counterproductive, and suitability is the most important thing ‼ ️

🇬🇧Middle school🈸️ , welcome to the background!

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