You must know about these British private schools with excellent equestrian skills‼ ️

🏫Sidcot School

This school is a first- class equestrian boarding school with spacious stables that can accommodate about 50 boarding horses. The school supports students to take equestrian as a hobby and sign up for equestrian courses. It also provides professional coaches for experienced students. The main learning projects include dressage, show jumping and cross-country equestrian. They must represent the school in regular competitions inside and outside the school.

🏫Stonar SchoolStonar School

It is the earliest boarding school to offer equestrian classes and is recognized as a professional equestrian center by the British Equestrian Association. 65 stables, 30 ponies and horses, students can also bring their own horse or pony. The school's equestrian coaches are world - class players. Equestrian courses include not only theoretical and practical training, but also everything related to horse care and breeding. In addition, it also teaches dressage, obstacle racing, triathlon and cross-country equestrian, and is recognized as " the best equestrian school " .

🏫Queen Margaret's School for Girls

The school offers equestrian lessons for girls of all levels from beginner to advanced, covering all aspects of riding, basic training and horse rearing. The school stables can accommodate 25 horses and ponies, and students can bring their own horses to school for classes. The professional equestrian instructors have more than 25 years of riding experience and have obtained the BHS Equestrian Instructor Certificate Level 3 .

🏫Kent College , Canterbury

All students are welcome to the school's equestrian lessons, and riding caps complying with current British standards are available in a range of sizes, and body protectors and boots can also be hired. The school's equestrian team competes in National School Equestrian Association (NSEA) events, including show jumping, eventing and arena eventing. It regularly participates in qualifying and competitions at NSEA regional and national events, and has won various Awards.

🏫Millfield SchoolMillfield School

One of the most successful sports boarding schools in the UK, it has Olympic-standard polo and equestrian venues, offering activities such as dressage, show jumping, eventing, cross-country equestrian, and polo and pony events. We also regularly invite top riders in their respective fields as guest riding coaches. The school has won the national championship in the school obstacle course and the polo championship many times.

🏫Malvern St James Girl's School

The school's equestrian coach is a leader in eventing, jumping and dressage. Students can receive one-on-one tutoring and support. Students can learn to ride horses from the age of five, first receiving training and support through recreational riding lessons, and also You can treat minimum courses as extracurricular activities. The school has a 60x22 meter all-weather arena, dressage board and jumping platform, and equestrian facilities in Tsuen Mian.

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