Entering these girls’ schools is equivalent to entering Oxbridge❓

🏫St Paul's Girls School

One of the top girls' schools in the UK, it ranks 1⃣️ in all major rankings every year. It is also the only top school without uniforms. Nearly 50% of the school's graduates enter Oxbridge every year, and more than 99% of the school's graduates enter the top 100 universities in QS . Entering this school means that half of the graduates have entered the top 100 universities in the world.

🏫Queen Margaret 's School for Girls

Known as the representative of girls' boarding schools, it is the most outstanding girls' school in northern England. In this year's Alevel examination, I achieved 💯 %A*-C in music, drama, photography and other art subjects. The school does a particularly good job with its humanistic care and provides girls with personalized timetables and lessons so that each girl can reach her potential.

🏫Benenden School

" The most difficult girls' school to get into " in the UK is also one of the best girls' schools. Its teaching staff and campus environment are first- class. The school is committed to allowing girls to fully realize their potential, providing 1⃣️ to 1⃣️ customized after-school time tutoring, and also provides more than 150 extracurricular activities every week , to ensure that girls develop and learn to be independent.

🏫Cobham Hall School

The school's music and sports are excellent. All students are welcome to join the choir, and professional tutors will be arranged to learn voice and any instrument, and tour Europe every two years. The majors of equestrian, cross-country sports and triathlon are ranked very high. Every year, students participate in international equestrian competitions. Not only have they represented the British team in triathlon, but they have also trained the record - breaking champion freestyle swimmers in the 2021 Olympic Games ‼ ️

🏫Malvern St James Girl' School

Known as the best girls' school in central England, it advocates the harmonious relationship between students and teachers🙌, focuses on girls' education, and provides more than 100 extracurricular activities. The most special thing is the school's admission guidance, which provides Oxbridge- specific interview guidance. The school also serves as a registered test center for the SAT and sets up SAT preparation classes to help students enter prestigious American schools.

🏫Harrogate Ladies College

It is the only one in the north of England to be selected into the top five of the "Best Girls' School of the Year" for 20 years. This year's Alevel exams yielded 68% A*-B and 82% A*-C , 75% of which were A* in French, and 68% of students were admitted to Russell Group universities. After class, designers from the Art Association will be invited to the school to provide professional tutoring. There are more than 50 societies and clubs you can participate in every semester.

🈸️High quality🇬🇧girls school, welcome to dd

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