Even the children of celebrities were bullied at private schools in the UK❓

The recent news about Hao Shaowen's daughter being bullied on campus is heart-wrenching. The parents immediately communicated with the school after discovering that their daughter was bullied, but the school didn't take it seriously and even said it was " a game between friends " ❗️Even Children of celebrities cannot avoid bullying, so will children from ordinary families who travel across the ocean alone to go to school in the UK encounter this kind of situation❓

☑️The British education system has very strict laws on punishing school bullying. The British government requires every school to have a complete anti-bullying policy to protect students, and illegal activities will be handled by the police. This bill prevents bullying incidents from occurring in most private schools, but it cannot prevent the existence of poor and irresponsible schools. The schools that Fried Fish is promoting have all been personally inspected and have 24 -hour support teachers to take care of them. , to ensure that no bullying will occur.

❓What is the definition of school bullying?

✔️Repeated behavior

✔️Intentional mental and physical harm

✔️Target students of different races, genders, and beliefs

✔️Mockery and ridicule


✔️Create a nickname

✔️Internet violence

⚠️In serious cases, you can directly dial "999"

❓If there is no personal danger, report it to the school first. How will the school handle it?

The school will conduct interviews with students to understand the situation, and will punish the bullies, such as suspension. Suspended students will also receive educational programs from the education department and can only return to campus after a period of evaluation. If they do not correct, they will be directly expelled. Many private schools will also hire Chinese psychology teachers to provide psychological counseling to bullied students, continuously update parents on their children's situation, and finally strengthen supervision and management, and organize students to participate in anti-bullying training.

⚠️In case of unavoidable bullying, please be sure to tell teachers and parents that a large part of the reason why international students are bullied is due to discrimination , and the "Anti - Discrimination Law" expressly prohibits this phenomenon. If If the school does not have a good solution, please report the school to GOV.UK.

❓When choosing a school, besides looking at grades, what else should you pay attention to?

It depends on the way the school trains students and whether it provides additional academic help and humanistic care to international students. Many good private schools take good care of international students. In addition to extra courses, they also take special care in daily life to help students integrate into the circle.

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