Inventory of majors suitable for international students to take public exams

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

There are friends in the background. If your future career plan is to be a civil servant, what majors can you choose when you come to the UK to study? Today, the editor has compiled some related majors for you, save them and save them🌟


The course content of economics is relatively wide, and majors such as economics, statistics, politics and economics, finance, energy economics, etc. are all available for everyone to choose freely.

The civil servants you can choose to apply for after graduation include the Taxation Bureau, the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the Ministry of Finance, etc.

🏫Reference institutions: St. Andrews, Warwick, LSE, Guerra, Durham


Most of the management courses are relatively compatible with the majors for the public examination, such as public management, business management, administrative management, etc. These majors are the No. 1 choices for the public examination. Some of the less popular majors such as agricultural and forestry economic management, management science and Engineering etc.

🏫Reference institutions: London Business School, Imperial College, London Political Science and Economics, University of Manchester, Warwick


Various education majors, Chinese language and literature, education history, etc.

The main candidates for the public examination are the Education Bureau, government education departments, etc.

🏫Reference universities: Guerra, Edinburgh, Birmingham, South Ann, Strathclyde


Mainly includes international law, criminology, civil law, legal history, etc.

The public examination is aimed at courts, procuratorates, or the public security system.

🏫Reference institutions: University College London, King's London, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Leeds

▪️Business Administration

Including tourism management, accounting, human resources management and other majors

Administrative positions at the Tourism Bureau

🏫Reference institutions: St. Andrews, University College London, Warwick, Bath

The above is a summary for students about the corresponding public examination directions 💁🏻‍♀️ and how to choose the major direction for studying abroad 👍🏻 . Students can choose a suitable major for themselves according to their own interests and career development plans ☺️ . If you have any questions about studying in the UK, you can contact us in the background and follow Wang Wanwan to avoid getting lost while studying abroad.

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