Big news❗️CAIE🇬🇧Alevel results day⏰ What do you say❓

The CAIE Examination Bureau released the results today. Although most of the UUs took the summer 🏖️ exam and not the winter ❄️ exam, there are still some who took the winter ❄️ exam. I don’t know if it will be difficult this time. Everyone Did you get the results you are satisfied with ? 🤔 It should be that some people are happy and some are sad~

The percentage of A*A in 2021 reached the highest point in history (most people think it is because of the release of water ), but with the relaxation of global measures , it has partly declined. As CAIE releases the rankings, Edes will also release the rankings on January 12th . I wonder if everyone will be very excited hahahaha. Current data extrapolates that data may also remain at or below the 22 -year average

UU who got satisfactory results will definitely hope to get an offer from their dream school. Pengyou who did not do well in the exam may want to consider waiting for supplementary admission in July or August , and also consider preparatory courses. Many schools accept Alevel candidates.

Let’s take stock together (in no particular order):
1⃣️Manchester University: INTO Manchester admission requirements BBC (can include Chinese)
2⃣️Leeds : SG Leeds 24UCAS Point (excluding Chinese)
3⃣️Sheffield : two C or 3 D (excluding Chinese)
4⃣️Durham : 84UCAS Point (Chinese accepted, E will not be accepted)
5⃣️ KCL : At KCL , we have introduced the application of Alevel candidates before. If you have passed the Alevel exam, your choice of direction will be restricted😭 , please read the previous article❗️

There are also various schools such as Glasgow and Southampton. Due to limited space, we will not list them one by one.

❗️If you want to take the UCL and other schools, there are a few points to note. UCL , like KCL , is not friendly to Alevel candidates and does not accept A2 candidates. If you are AS , you can ❤️ , but I want to say, What should I do if I still want to go to UCL ? I can look at high school preparatory courses: for example, Abbey College ’s preparatory courses. Their preparatory courses are accepted by UCL and Warwick, so you might as well consider it~ We have preparatory courses . What are you still hesitating about? Kids ❤️

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