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Fried Fish Teacher has introduced a new series, and we have also gone to interview our students to bring you a first - hand study experience ~ so that all interested students can have a closer understanding. Now we have invited student L who is currently studying to share his experience in studying~

" I transferred from Shanghai HD High School to study A2 in the UK. Abbey College Manchester happened to be able to accept A2 transfers, so I was very lucky to come ."


AS graduate of Shanghai HD Bilingual School, score 3.2/4.0

🏫Teaching environment

This campus in Manchester is actually different from my ideal British high school, because this campus in Manchester is relatively small, and the sports facilities have to be moved to the stadiums around Manchester 🏃 . But other than that , I am personally quite satisfied with this school✅

📈Difficulty of admission

I provided my transcript at the beginning, and then took the written test (academic test), and also had an interview💻 . The interviewer was Iain , who is also the principal of this school🧑‍🏫. The interview was relatively simple✅ , basically similar to IELTS Part 1 Speaking, but because I was over 18 when I entered school, I still need IELTS scores before I can apply for a visa😭

🧑‍🏫Teaching style

The school management is still relatively strict. My Alevel studies are mathematics, economics, and physics. Maybe because my foundation is not very good, I sometimes can't keep up in class, but the teachers are still very patient. I often ask questions to the teacher after class. The teachers still relatively reassured me and taught me well . The school also has laboratories, computer rooms, and study rooms. It looks small from the outside, but it has everything you need inside. You will know just by looking at the pictures~

🕙Other ideas

This school attracted me probably because of Manchester United. I like Manchester United better, and this school is also one of the few high schools in Manchester City. Moreover, the academic performance of this school is relatively low. Compared with other high schools, the price/performance ratio is quite high. Secondly, because I am a transfer student😊 , the school also provided us with a predicted score test. Nigel is our UCAS teacher. He helps us write references and guide our personal statements . Our platform is Microsoft’s teams ♻️ , and basically I will print out the materials and learn by myself. In fact, Yinggao places more emphasis on self-study ability. After all, even after going to university, most of the time is still focused on self-study🙋

The study experience this time is here. If you are interested, you can dd us in the background. We will continue to work hard to bring you more study experience at Yinggao❗️

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