The principal of Abbey Cambridge 🇬🇧 Middle School told me the interview skills for British high schools ❗️

I believe that everyone is no stranger to Abbey Cambridge Secondary School, and they are also our old friends ~ I met with the principal Mike Corbett not long ago. In fact, Fried Fish also had some "scheming" to discuss interview techniques, so let's go Share it with you Pengyou✅ I hope these tips can help you💯

1⃣️Before the interview

There are a few points to pay attention to. First, the equipment must be debugged, such as audio and video. Secondly, dress appropriately. Don’t be sloppy. At least wear a shirt. If you are in the room, please pack your things~

2⃣️Interview process

There are a few issues that need to be picked out and discussed.

1.Tell me about yourself

The interview is a two-way selection process. This is the school getting to know you. Generally, what the school wants to hear about this kind of question is your past, and your shortcomings will be reflected in your past experience. As you grow up, what have you done? After doing something, these things can show that you are improving. For example, you used to be a loner, but now you are a person with leadership, able to revitalize a team and organize an event. The shortcomings are not terrible. But you have to make it clear through some cases and events that you are growing

2.Could you tell me where do you see yourself 5 years later

What does this mean? The Chinese understanding is that after 5 years, where do you think you will be? Then you have to think, what will I be doing in five years, studying for an undergraduate degree? Graduate school? Or something...use the timeline to deduce what you were doing at that time. Let’s talk about the goals first. For example, if you want to study for an undergraduate degree in 5 years, what university to study and what major to study? Let’s talk about this first. Then you have to say what you will do five years ago to achieve this goal. The school hopes to see that you are someone who has plans for your future and is responsible

3.Tell me about your family

This question is not to ask you to describe the height, shortness, weight, or thickness of your family, but to understand what they have done to shape who you are now. For example, if your father is in business and you want to study business in the future, you can say I I have been with my father in the company since I was a child, and I have been exposed to many things. I think the business world is very interesting, and I hope that I can learn more relevant content and knowledge in the future. My mother is a tough woman, and I think her qualities are reflected in everything that left a deep impression on me. This quality can play a role in my future development.

3⃣️Interview introduction

Remember to say thank you, thank them for giving you the opportunity to interview, and hope to meet them in the future~

Of course, there are other questions, which I won’t go into detail here. These questions are not just for Abbey Cambridge Middle School, but are applicable to all British high school interviews. They hope to see students who are motivated and responsible for themselves. Children with an international perspective✅

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