In addition to London, there are these high-quality secondary schools❗️

🈸️British private secondary schools should no longer focus on London! Come and find out with Mr. Fried Fish what are the good secondary schools in north central England~

🏫Rossall School


👥Mixed school

The school is famous for its golf, choir, football and piano. Golf, as one of its strengths, was rated No. 1 in the UK by ISGA in the 21/22 season. The choir has three levels of training: entry, advanced and advanced, and also provides examination preparation at the level of the Royal College of Music. The football team trains together with the British football team FTFC . The school provides Steinway piano and portfolio tutoring. The Alevel score is close to 50% A*A . Most of the professors' tutors have graduated from Royal Arts. Students with excellent grades can also participate in tutoring classes with world-renowned Steinway artists ‼ ️

🏫Queen Ethelburga 's



👥Mixed school

The school is famous for its class division features, which are divided into College and Faculty , which are the so-called key classes and ordinary classes. Students in regular classes can choose to mix Alevel courses and BTEC courses. They also take more English courses than key classes, which is friendly to people with weak English proficiency. Except for the curriculum, everything else including teachers, hardware, software, school uniforms, teaching materials, etc. are exactly the same and will not be treated differently. There are more international students in key classes, with A*-A reaching 75% ❗️It has also been rated as the 8th middle school in the UK.

🏫Abbey College Manchester


👥Mixed school

Super cost-effective ➕Excellent results. The tuition fee + accommodation fee is about 350,000 per year, and it is still in a big city like Manchester ❗️ It is friendly to many students who have limited budget but want to study hard. Many students in its preparatory courses are admitted to the Qs100 of the University of Manchester, University of Leeds, Durham University, University of Newcastle, University of Birmingham, etc. every year. Alevel A*A has 55% , GCSE A*A has 50% , and preparatory students have 80% entering Qs top 100 universities.

🇬🇧Middle school🈸️ , welcome backstage✉️Didi

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