Which group preparatory course is better? An article to help you understand INTO preparatory course [Part 1]

Knock on the blackboard! Those who are preparing to apply for a bachelor's degree in the UK, please come and take a look! This issue is full of useful information~ I believe everyone is familiar with the word INTO. So what is INTO Group Preparatory Course? How much do you know about INTO? The following content will be introduced to students one by one starting from INTO’s partner schools~

🌟What is INTO?

INTO is one of the world's largest international education groups, supporting international students in applying for undergraduate or postgraduate degree programs and working with universities to create unique foundation programs for students who have not yet met university requirements.

🌟Collaboration Center

INTO Manchester is in partnership with the University of Manchester, Newcastle University London, City University London, INTO London, University of East Anglia, Queen's University, University of Stirling, Glasgow Caledonian University, INTO Manchester, University of Exeter , Newcastle University, INTO University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University

🌟Partnering schools & courses

1⃣ Newcastle University Newcastle University (QS World 146)

✅Undergraduate Preparatory Course

✅Master 's Preparatory Course

✅International Freshman

👉🏻Last semester: September for fall admission to January of the following year (the two weeks after the Christmas holiday are used for last semester exams)

👉🏻Next semester: after the end of the exam in January - before the Easter holiday, and May is the exam season (the two weeks after the Easter holiday are used for the second semester exam)

👉🏻 EAP has 5 classes per week, each class is 2 hours, mainly reading and writing

👉🏻 The final exam has 4 items: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The four items in the last semester each accounted for 5% of the final score; in the next semester, Listening and Speaking each accounted for 15%, and Writing and Reading each accounted for 25%.

2⃣ University of Manchester University of Manchester (QS World 27)

✅Undergraduate Preparatory Course

👉🏻 EAP is divided into 4 modules, listening, speaking, reading and writing. The usual tasks have almost nothing to do with IELTS, and the final exam is somewhat similar to IELTS⚠ EAP does not count as a score in the last semester, but it is recommended to study hard, which will make the next semester much easier⚠

👉🏻In summary, the University of Manchester’s score requirements for preparatory students have been changing, please refer to the official website📢

❣Due to the limited length of the article, the introduction content of the remaining colleges will be shared with you in the next article~

[To be continued]

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