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The University of Reading is located in Reading, west of London, UK . It has convenient transportation and is only about 40 minutes away from London by train. The University of Reading enjoys a high reputation in the fields of business, psychology, meteorology☁️ and its graduates have made good progress at home and abroad. In recent years, the school has also actively developed emerging fields such as AI and computer science. The campus environment is pleasant, and the famous Whitechapel and spacious lawns give people a sense of tranquility. So, what is it like to study here? We invited Sister M from the Business School to talk about the University of Reading in her eyes.

Q: I heard that your undergraduate degree was 985. Why did you choose to come to the University of Reading?

: To be honest , I received admission notices from several good schools at that time📖 But I finally chose Reading because the business major here is very strong and the professors are very capable. Moreover, Reading is very close to London and has good transport links, so I can easily visit London during holidays or weekends.

Q: Are your teachers responsible?

: Of course, the teachers in our school are very responsible 👍 and they care about students’ academic development and career planning. I often discuss business cases with my teachers and they provide me with a lot of valuable suggestions. My supervisor also often cares about the progress of my thesis and helps me revise and improve it.

Q: What is your favorite corner of the University of Reading campus?

: My favorite place is Whitechapel on campus💒 . Whenever I am in a bad mood or stressed, I will go there to sit, quietly look at the church and feel the tranquility there. It always helps me calm down and regain my motivation to study.

Q: Tell us what you think of the University of Reading.

: The University of Reading is a place full of vitality and academic atmosphere📖 . Whether in the library, classroom or on the lawn, you can see students studying and researching seriously. The school's resources are also very rich. The library here has a rich collection of books, and academic lectures and activities are often held. As a student, I thoroughly enjoyed this academic environment. Of course, the University of Reading also has its shortcomings, such as relatively few recreational facilities, but this also allows us to focus more on academics and improving ourselves. Overall, the University of Reading is a good place to study and I have gained a lot of knowledge and friendship😄

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