Complete guide to applying for undergraduate preparatory studies at the University of Reading

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British middle school and preparatory student.

What are the schools in the UK that are easy to pass and have low admission requirements? The University of Reading is one of them . Today we will take a look at what you need to pay attention to when applying for undergraduate preparatory courses at this school⬇️

QS ranking: 229

✅Undergraduate preparatory degree admission rate: 97%

✅Whether language scores are required: 🉑️First🈸️please provide language scores later. If you can provide language scores before admission🉑️

✅School start time:

1⃣️🈷️👉2⃣️Semester : You can choose any undergraduate major preparatory course

9⃣️🈷️👉3⃣️Semester : Only courses in business, economics, marketing, law, and construction management are offered.

✅Undergraduate preparatory direction:

➡️Law , Humanities and Social Sciences

➡️Science and Life Sciences

➡️Real Estate and Construction Management (Real Estate and Construction)

➡️Mathematics and Meteorology


✅Undergraduate Major:

There are currently 20 undergraduate majors, 11 of which not only offer admission in September , but also offer admission in January . Majors include: law, economics, economics and finance, political science and international relations, food science, psychology, architecture, construction engineering, construction management and surveying, data surveying, building surveying, agronomy, agricultural business management Science, consumer behavior and market management, engineering management, food marketing and business economics, mathematics, mathematical finance, museum studies and archaeology, environmental science, meteorology and climate science 💯

✅Application conditions:

🔹The average score of senior high school students should be no less than 75%, or the average score of senior high school students should be no less than 80%.

🔹 IB: 24 points, IB diploma 3-5 in Standard Level

✅Application materials:

Transcript 📄 + academic certificate/certificate of high school attendance 📄 + personal resume 📄 + letter of recommendation 📄. Before the start of school, you need to provide the IELTS score required for the preparatory course 📄

✅Language requirements:

🔹 September admission: IELTS no less than 5.5, no individual component less than 5.5

🔹 January admission: IELTS no less than 6.0, no individual component less than 5.5

The above are the things to note for undergraduate preparatory courses at the University of Reading. The school’s preparatory course has a high admission rate. Students who don’t want to face resistance to further studies can consider this school. Of course, you have to make a detailed analysis ✏️ based on your own situation. I want to 🈸️🇬🇧 preparatory, background ✉️ beep, submit the materials now, and if you are quick, you will get an offer the next day!

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