Shocking ⁉️ Is there anyone who doesn’t know that master’s degree can also be studied as a preparatory course...

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British preparatory and middle school student.

When applying to study abroad, everyone must have heard the term preparatory course. So what is a pre-master's degree? Is it necessary to take a pre-master's degree to apply for a postgraduate degree in the UK? Today, the editor will tell you in detail📢

What is Master’s Preparatory Program❓

✅Lay a solid language and professional foundation for students to enter the master's degree stage of foreign universities. It is a bridge course to improve students' academic level and comprehensive ability in all aspects.

✅The preparatory course is actually a good transition period. It can enable students to meet the requirements of the university they are applying for and the admission standards of the master's program, making it easier for students to apply successfully and successfully enroll in the master's degree.

⚠️Which students are suitable⚠️

⭕️Mediocre undergraduate background or low average university score

For some students who have average undergraduate school background or low average scores and want to enter a prestigious British school, the master's preparatory year can make up for these shortcomings and improve their academic background. The master's preparatory course is one of the best ways to save the country.

⭕️Those with weak language skills

Foreign universities teach entirely in English and have higher requirements for English proficiency. If IELTS is not enough, compared to simply studying language, the master's preparatory year has both English courses and basic master's courses, which is more comprehensive.

⭕️Cross -professional applicants

If you apply directly for a master's degree, you will not be accepted because you do not have the relevant professional background. The master's preparatory program can provide basic courses in relevant majors to help students make up for the lack of learning in their future majors and be fully prepared.

⭕️Progress from junior college to master’s degree

Foreign graduate students do not accept associate's degrees, so those who want to study at a foreign university must first take a master's preparatory course

📝Application timeline and required materials

Under normal circumstances, the application time for British preparatory courses is September and October every year. Admission is rolling. The earlier you apply, the earlier you will get an offer . It is recommended to submit your application one year in advance📚

📌Take 2024fall as an example to see the application time plan📨

2023. 4️⃣ - 5️⃣

Understand the situation of British preparatory schools and application conditions, determine the school and major to apply for based on your actual situation, improve academic performance, and prepare for the IELTS test✏️

2023. 6️⃣ - 9️⃣

Start preparing the application and corresponding documents and materials according to the school’s requirements📄

2023. 9️⃣ - 1️⃣2️⃣

Submit the application, pay attention to the application email in time, and follow up with the school’s review feedback📮

2023. 🔟 -2024. 4️⃣

After receiving offers one after another, you can choose the school you want to go to according to your own situation and pay the placeholder fee💰

2024. 4️⃣ - 7️⃣

According to the offer requirements, submit the final diploma, degree certificate, transcript, etc. in exchange for an unconditional offer, apply for CAS, physical examination, and apply for a visa. Arrange accommodation in advance🏠Pick - up✈️Air ticket related matters

2024. 9️⃣

Get ready to go✈️Start your study abroad journey🇬🇧

If you want to apply for British preparatory courses, please go to the backend✉Didi . Submit your materials now and you will get an offer in just two weeks.

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