🇬🇧A collection of private schools with specialties in music‼ ️

🇬🇧Private schools usually prefer students who are not only good academically but also have achievements in sports, art or music. Children who are talented in music must be a big plus for admission to prestigious schools. Let’s take a look at which private schools are suitable for studying music~

🏫Reddam House BerkshIre

📌Mixed school

The large number of art studios and large professional theaters on campus are a highlight, making arts education accessible to all students. Its music performance category is an exclusive collaboration with the British middle school of the Berklee School of Music in the United States. The " Inspired by Berklee " project launched is to provide students with the best music education.

🏫Cobham School

📌Girls ’ school, 16+ mixed school

The school's choir is outstanding and all girls are welcome to participate. Professional tutors can also be arranged to learn voice and any musical instrument. After meeting the requirements, they can take the examination of the Royal Academy of Music. The choir tours Europe every two years, performing in Poland or Budapest in recent years.

🏫King Edward 's School Witley

📌Mixed school

The school is committed to allowing every student to learn the instrument they like. Needless to say, it has advanced facilities such as various concert halls, recital rooms and recording equipment. Music technologies such as Mac suites equipped with Logic Pro X and Sibelius are popular among students. welcome. More than 20 choirs, orchestras and rock bands perform regularly in different churches and have toured in Venice and Rome.

🏫Ipswich SchoolIpswich School

📌Mixed school

As the only school mentioned in Shakespeare's plays, I don't need to tell you how valuable it is. State-of-the-art music facilities such as drama center, music center, auditorium and more. The school's Britten Faculty of Music is recognized as one of the best middle school music departments in the world . Most music students can be promoted to members of the Russell University Group or European Music Universities, and every year there are professional musicians including top students . Graduates from top music schools come to the school to perform for students.

🏫Rossall School

📌Mixed school

The school provides Steinway piano and portfolio tutoring, and recommends students to participate in international piano competitions every year. Its piano Alevel scores are close to 50% A*A . Most of the professors’ tutors have graduated from Imperial Art. Students with excellent grades can also participate in tutoring classes with world-renowned Steinway artists ‼ ️And its performance school is also well-known, providing 🇬🇧 Royal Academy of Music " Musical Theater Singing " exam preparation.

🇬🇧Middle School🈸️ , 🉑️Didi Fried Fish Teacher

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