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Today’s private school sharing episode 23: Harrow school is a famous boarding school located in the Harrow district of London and one of the nine oldest public schools in the UK. ❗️The admissions process at Harrow School is very competitive, with approximately 160 13-year-old students entering Year 9 each year, and a maximum of 20 students entering Year 12. In addition to academic ability, schools also consider whether students have a range of interests and talents, such as music, sports, drama, etc. The school is only a 30-minute drive from Heathrow Airport. School Category✅: Boys’ School Date of establishment⏰: 1572 School size🏫: 1.31 million square meters School population👨‍👨‍👦: 830 people International student ratio: 20% School introduction❗️ ✅Harrow Public School is a famous independent boarding school for boys located in Harrow, London, England. It was founded in 1572 by local nobleman John Lyon. The school was formerly a monastery in the 12th century. Although it has a long history, it has very complete facilities, including advanced laboratories, tennis courts, cricket fields, golf courses, farms, observatories, etc. Harrow Public School not only focuses on the academic development of students, but also advocates the all-round development of students. The school not only provides law, economics, physics, chemistry, biology and other subjects, but also various extracurricular activities, such as sports, art, performance, music, etc., providing students with broad development space. ✅Applicants for ninth grade admission must register for a school place before the end of fifth grade or at the latest before May 1 of sixth grade. Late applicants will compete for fewer places. The school requires all students to take the ISEB Common Pre-test between October 1 and the end of the fall semester of sixth grade. This is an online assessment that includes multiple-choice questions in verbal and non-verbal reasoning, English and mathematics. It takes approximately half an hour. If students pass the ISEB test, they will participate in two 15-minute interviews, a one-hour English and math assessment and a thirty-minute in-class group activity in the fall semester of Year 7. Applicants to CE schools who are offered admission will take CE exams in all subjects in June of Grade 8 and must sit Level 2 or Level 3 papers in Mathematics and Latin, as well as Level 2 papers in English, Science and French. ✅Applicants for admission to grade 12 must apply before early September of grade 11. GCSE (or equivalent) with a minimum of 7 or 8 passes in Years 7/8/9 (A/A*).
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