🇬🇧High school preparatory course vs undergraduate preparatory course, which one is better?

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British middle school and preparatory student.

September⃣️School season is coming soon❗️Many friends are wondering whether to study high school preparatory courses in the UK or undergraduate preparatory courses at university❓This article will help you understand the difference between the two .

✅International Preparatory Course for High School:

🙋🏻How long to read❓

👉🏻 1 year

🙋🏻When does school start every year❓

👉🏻Start school with British high school students every September

🙋🏻Where to study high school preparatory courses❓

👉🏻British private high school

🙋🏻What are the advantages❓

✅It only lasts for one year, which is one year less than the British Alevel course, which greatly shortens the time for further studies.

✅After completing the preparatory course, you can choose to enter a wider range of universities. You can choose the best school within the range of your grades to apply based on your own grades, instead of being admitted to a certain school.

✅Most schools, including Wang Ai Man Hua, recognize high school international preparatory courses. As long as you meet the requirements after completing the preparatory courses, you can apply

✅A wide range of directions are offered, including business, science and engineering, medicine, law, etc.

🙋🏻What are the precautions❓

✅Completing the program in high school is equivalent to studying a one-year high school course instead of a university course, and the cost will be higher than the undergraduate preparatory course at the university.

✅The application process is the same as high school application, and you need to pass an interview and English test

🙋🏻Which schools offer high school preparatory courses❓

Abbey College Cambridge, Cats Cambridge, etc.

✅Undergraduate Preparatory Course:

🙋🏻How long to read❓

👉🏻 Half a year to a year

🙋🏻When does school start every year❓

👉🏻School starts in September every year or January of the following year

🙋🏻Where to study undergraduate preparatory courses❓

👉🏻The preparatory center corresponding to the university you want to enter

🙋🏻What are the advantages❓

✅You can choose from half a year or one year. If you don’t have time to apply in September, you can prepare for the preparatory course in January of the following year, which is more flexible in terms of time.

✅You can apply first to get the offer and hold a seat, and then take the language test and submit it later. The time is not so tight.

What precautions?

✅Before applying, you need to determine the major you want to study in the future and the school you want to go to. After getting the offer and completing the undergraduate preparatory courses, you can only advance to the corresponding university.

✅Popular majors in popular schools fill up quickly, so you need to reserve a seat as soon as possible after applications open every year

🙋🏻Which schools offer undergraduate preparatory courses❓

University of Manchester, University of Glasgow, University of Leeds, University of Southampton, KCL, etc.

Do you have any questions about high school preparatory courses and undergraduate preparatory courses ? ❓ I want to 🈸️🇬🇧 preparatory courses, backstage✉️tidi , submit the materials now, and if you hurry, you can get an offer the next day~

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