Two ways to study for an undergraduate degree in the UK after the college entrance examination, a must-see!

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British middle school and preparatory student.

The college entrance examination is over, but the college entrance examination results are not satisfactory, and I am not sure about getting into a good university. How should I go to the UK to study for an undergraduate degree? There are two main ways and approaches. Remember to bookmark it 🐴

Path: After the college entrance examination ➡️ Directly study for a British undergraduate degree

🤔️Analysis : There are only a few universities in the UK that can directly study for undergraduate studies, and the requirements for high school and college entrance examination scores are extremely high, and the IELTS score is also required to be around 7.0 or higher, so for friends who failed the college entrance examination, this path is Unrealistic

Path: end of college entrance examination ➡️ Preparatory course in September (1 year) ➡️ British undergraduate (3 years)

🤔️Analysis :

Now prepare your transcripts, proof of enrollment and other materials, and apply for a preparatory course in the UK that starts in September this year as a guarantee for failure in the college entrance examination . First, secure a position in the major you want to study. You don’t need to submit language scores for now❗️ Start preparing immediately after the college entrance examination in June IELTS, and the preparatory course requires a lower IELTS score for the college entrance examination, usually 5.0-5.5 points


👉🏻You don’t need to prepare language scores immediately, you can still concentrate on preparing for the college entrance examination

👉🏻You can seamlessly study in the UK after the college entrance examination, and you have guaranteed preparations

⚠️Notes :

👉🏻Currently , the preparatory courses for various majors in various schools are gradually being completed . You need to decide immediately whether to study in the UK and seize the time to start preparing application materials❗️

👉🏻You need to start preparing for the language immediately after the college entrance examination in June, and get the language score before coming to the UK to successfully enroll❗️

🉑️Schools to apply for: University of Manchester, KCL, University of Glasgow, Durham University, University of Southampton, etc.

Path: End of college entrance examination ➡️Preparatory course in January next year (half a year) ➡️British undergraduate (3 years)

🤔️Analysis : After the college entrance examination, apply for the preparatory course in January next year. After successfully completing the half-year preparatory course, you can enter the British undergraduate course. For students who finish the college entrance examination in June, there will be more time❗️


👉🏻Language can 🈶️ have more time to prepare, which can fully improve language skills and get high scores

👉🏻There is a transition period of half a year after the college entrance examination

👉🏻You only need half a year of preparatory studies to advance to a British undergraduate degree, only 2 semesters

⚠️Notes :

👉🏻 The January preparatory course has higher language requirements than the September preparatory course, and the same major requires higher scores.

👉🏻 The January preparatory course requires you to complete the 1-year course within half a year, and the course schedule after the start of the semester is compact

👉🏻There are fewer schools and majors offering preparatory courses in January than in September.

🉑️Schools to apply for: University of Leeds, University of Nottingham, University of Manchester, University of Bristol, University of Sheffield, etc.

I want to 🈸️🇬🇧 matriculate, backstage ✉️ beep, submit the materials now, if you hurry, you can get the offer the next day ~

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