Little-known 🇬🇧KCL undergraduate preparatory course

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan studied abroad and immigrated🌍and recently started to engage in real estate hahaha

You may know about the University of Manchester Preparatory School, Leeds Preparatory School, Glasgow Preparatory School, and Southampton Preparatory School, but you may be less aware that KCL also has a preparatory school🤔 . If you are also interested😊 , you may wish to follow our article to take a look at the admission requirements✅

Let me briefly introduce it first. KCL’s preparatory courses are actually not outsourced to other groups, but are set up in our own school. This means that you and all KCL undergraduates, graduate students, and doctoral students share all the facilities in the school. The school is responsible for Your support and help are the same👍

There are a total of 9 preparatory courses to choose from, namely: 1⃣️Biochemistry 2⃣️Business Management and Social Sciences 3⃣️Computers and Mathematics 4⃣️Economics and Mathematics 5⃣️Engineering and Mathematics 6⃣️Global Politics and Social Sciences 7⃣️Modern Arts (Literature) and Society Science 8⃣️Mathematics and Business Management (Business School exclusive) 9⃣️Mathematics and Physics.

They correspond to different pathways and are connected to the major you will study for your future undergraduate degree. This means that you need to think about what major you want to study for your undergraduate degree before taking preparatory courses.

Next is the key point❗️ Take notes yourself, let’s talk about the admission requirements. KCL’s preparatory courses are rather strange. Most school preparatory courses, such as the University of Manchester, only accept candidates who have passed the Alevel exam or graduates of three years of domestic high school. This means that you have to pass the A2 exam or complete the third year of high school (with grades). You can apply only if you have a bachelor's degree and a diploma), but ❗️❗️ KCL's requirement for Alevel candidates is that you must apply after finishing AS. They do not accept A2 major exam candidates. AS scores are BBB ✅It is acceptable. As for why it is not accepted I don’t know very well about A2 students😅 , but for domestic high school students, they still need to complete three years of high school and have a math score higher than a certain score (different directions have different requirements). You can contact us for details. If you have already passed the A2 major exam and want to apply for KCL’s preparatory course, then only some of the 9 directions can be chosen, and the AS score must also reach BBB ❗️❗️❗️

Application materials include but are not limited to: transcripts, proof of enrollment, personal statement, etc., which are exactly the same as applying for UCAS or graduate school hahahahahahaha

If you have any ideas, you might as well ask 🤏 . The chances of getting into our school are relatively good (they say), but in reality, I don’t know how many there are. You can only know it through personal experience✅

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