🌟College students gather⁉️There is a welfare in the UK called "Master's Preparatory Course"🎉

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British preparatory and middle school student.

🌟Pathway from associate to master's degree👣

1️⃣Study the preparatory course for master's degree📚Use the preparatory course results to apply for the main course of master's degree🔍

2️⃣Get a British undergraduate degree through the TOP-UP junior college to undergraduate program🎓 Then use the bachelor’s degree to apply for a master’s degree👩🏻‍💻

The editor will talk about how to choose between TOP-UP and preparatory courses today❓

🟪Master ’s Preparatory Course

🔹What kind of people need to study for a pre-master’s degree👀

1️⃣Graduate from college

2️⃣No undergraduate degree or have a degree but want to change majors

3️⃣The average undergraduate score is not enough for direct admission to the school’s master’s program

🔹Which universities offer pre-master’s programs💻

Exeter, Manchester University, Sheffield University, Glasgow University, Newcastle University, Liverpool University, Birmingham University


🔸What kind of people is Top-up suitable for ?

Students who have graduated from college and want to get a degree certificate quickly

🔸Which schools offer Top-up courses💻

University of Plymouth, University of Bournemouth, Nottingham Trent University, Middlesex University, Kingston University, University of Hertfordshire, University of Salford

⚠️Not every British university offers associate-to-undergraduate courses📚Only some schools offer them📌So when choosing a school, students should check whether the university offers associate-to - undergraduate courses📖and whether there are majors that students want to apply for⚠️

🌟Master 's Preparatory Course🆚 TOP-UP

1️⃣Professional direction

Top-up is not convenient for changing major ‼ ️The courses students apply for must be similar to domestic majors ⚠️ And the master's preparatory course is very convenient for changing majors Usually there are no strict requirements for students' first major 🆗 Courses in business and science and engineering directions or other professional directions can be chosen 🙌🏻

2️⃣Class start time

🇬🇧Many top-up courses in universities are opened in September📢The starting time of pre-master’s courses is more flexible❣️Usually there are three starting dates in January, May and September in a year👀 and most of them can be connected to September Formal master’s course study💯

🌟Why we recommend Master’s Preparatory Course👏🏻

🔎The ranking of undergraduate schools that can be applied to Top-Up is not high❎

Most of the QS rankings of schools offering Top-Up courses are outside 500. Coventry University , which ranks around 500, is basically a Top-Up university . Therefore ‼ ️Get a Top-Up degree from Coventry University and then apply for a master's degree💻If you want to hit the QS front💯getting First-Class (70 points) is the basic requirement⚠️

🔎Top -Up to get high scores💯It ’s much more difficult than Master’s Preparatory Course⚠️

As a bridging course, the Master's Preparatory Course 📖 only has a few very basic courses 🆗 and the Top-Up final year course is a serious undergraduate course 📚 As a college graduate 👩🏻‍💻 you only have one year in a foreign country to study with pure knowledge It is very difficult to get the First-Class score for undergraduate courses in English📝 . Relatively speaking , it is much easier to get 70 points for the master's preparatory course☕️

🔎The admission requirements for Master’s Preparatory Program are clear✅

After completing the master's preparatory course, as long as you reach the pre-agreed score (usually 70 points) or ranking (such as the top 10) 🫡 you can be steadily promoted to the master's program 👏🏻 and after studying for one year Top-Up 👉🏻 even if you get First-Class results💯👩🏻‍💻When applying to prestigious schools🎓 , you need to compete again with domestic 985/211 students ‼ ️💢

If you want to apply for British preparatory courses, please go to the backend✉Didi . Submit your materials now and you will get an offer in just two weeks.

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