👏🏻Studying GCSE at Abbey Cambridge Secondary School in the UK is an experience🌟

‼ ️锵锵锵… 🎉🎉Freshly baked🇬🇧Abbey Middle School GCSE study experience is back🤩Let ’s see what the senior sister Y invited today has to share with us🫶🏻🫶🏻

❓Facing the changes between GCSE here and ordinary junior high schools in China, are you still used to it? What are the differences?

Y: First of all, regarding listening to the lectures, I may not be used to the teacher’s speaking speed when I first came here. However, the teaching content is quite simple, and the difficulty level is much simpler than in China. In fact, we have basically learned all the content here in junior high school. The biggest difficulty is to overcome the language problem. Because you need to memorize what you have learned from home in English, and then speak it to him. So in fact, as long as you memorize the words, it won't be a big problem. Especially in the two subjects of biology and chemistry, the English expression of every element symbol and professional terminology is very important. Only by keeping these words in mind can you achieve barrier-free communication with the teacher as much as possible.

❓Do you find it difficult to communicate with the teacher? Want to help you?

Y: There is not much communication difficulty. They are very willing to help us and understand us. Even if the expression is not completely accurate due to language problems and cultural differences, it may be difficult for teachers to understand our central meaning, but they will still listen patiently, try to get your meaning, and confirm repeatedly until the problem is finally solved.

❓How many courses are you taking now? How is the teacher? What is the difference from taking classes in China?

Y: I study seven subjects. In fact, teachers welcome students to come and ask questions if they don’t understand something. Compared with China, here they will pay more attention to practical skills. For example, biology class will let us make models with plasticine, and chemistry class will let us do hands-on experiments.

❓How do teachers support you academically?

Y: I will carefully review everyone's homework completion. If I see that a student does not fully master or understand a certain knowledge point, I will send an email or have a private interview to further explain and guide the work. Overall, teachers' teaching attitude and quality are satisfactory.

❓What do you do on weekends and holidays?

Y: There are many student clubs you can join on weekends, and you can get in touch with students from different regions and cultural backgrounds. Everyone is also very enthusiastic and active. I think this is a good platform and opportunity for mutual exchange and learning, and it is also a great opportunity for studying abroad. One of the important meanings.

❓What would you like to tell students who are about to take GCSE?

Y: Come on, hold on! Especially if you choose creatures, hold on! Although it is difficult, if you memorize the words well, it will be OK!

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