📚Don’t study the group preparatory course⁉️because it’s too delicious🤩

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British preparatory and middle school student.

🇬🇧Preparatory courses are generally divided into two modes : 1️⃣Preparatory courses of the school 2️⃣Group preparatory courses📚So should I study group preparatory courses👀Why are there always people recommending it🔥How good is it...?

Today , the editor will reveal to you the mystery of the group preparatory course👻👻

🔍What is Group Preparatory Course❓

✨Group preparatory courses are mainly offered by British universities and education groups in cooperation🙌🏻

✨Lectures are generally held at the international center under the group or the international center of the school🧑🏻‍💻There are also teachers from the school responsible for teaching🧑🏻‍🏫

✨Generally means that after completing the preparatory course, you can connect with many universities🏫

🔍Representatives from well-known groups and institutions🔥

🔸 Study Group: Sheffield Durham Leeds Lanka

🔸 INTO: Newcastle Exeter

🔸 Kaplan: Glasgow Birmingham Liverpool Nottingham

🔍Application requirements👀

🔹The Group Preparatory Course accepts students who have completed their sophomore year of high school🔖as long as the average score is above 80% ✔️

🔹If you are a student who has completed the senior high school course🔖The average score is required to be above 70% ✔️IELTS between 4 ~ 6✔️You can meet the application requirements


⭕️Group preparatory courses give students more opportunities to choose📈Undergraduate majors are very wide📚Master ’s preparatory courses generally only open popular professional courses📌

⭕️The group preparatory school has a life teacher to provide individual guidance🫶🏻 and will provide attendance reports and life reports to parents☎️Make parents more assured

⭕️The IELTS score requirements for group preparatory courses are lower📉Generally , a score of 5.5 is enough⚠️Some also accept a score of 5 for admission👀Each British university has its own preparatory requirements that are much higher🥺

⭕️Admission time is more flexible🗓General university preparatory courses have 2️⃣ admissions per year📌 September and January🐾 , while group preparatory courses have 4️⃣ admission opportunities per year📌 September, January, May and July are all 🉑admissions📚This can ensure that students As long as the conditions are right , there are books to read at any time👏🏻👏🏻

🔍Pass rate🎓

🌟According to current data💻The average progression rate of group preparatory courses (SG/kaplan/INTO) is around 80% 💡The average progression rate of (Navitas/OIEG) is around 90% 💡

🌟Nowadays , major platforms are basically one-sided crusade against group preparatory courses🧐But in fact , after understanding the difference between the school’s preparatory courses and group preparatory courses📊According to your own conditions , you can use them as needed🙌🏻The most important thing is to choose the one that suits you❣️

🌟Some schools require specific analysis⚠️Generally remember the pass rate and university rankings📖There is a certain link between various admission requirements👉🏻The higher the ranking📈The lower the pass rate is generally📉

🈸British preparatory course, backend✉Didi , submit application materials now, if you hurry, you will get an offer the next day

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