🔝10🇬🇧Girls' school: St. Mary's Carne Girls' School

When writing this article, I was a little nervous. After all, it is one of the top 10 girls' schools in the UK. I just finished a meeting with the admissions department. Let's take a look at this low-key girls' school with excellent academic performance and few international students. It is also the 59th issue of our introduction to British private schools: St Mary's School, Calne 💯

This school is near Bristol. The school is very selective and the girls are relatively busy in this school. Let's take a look at this school together .

School type✅ : Girls' school

Established in 1873

School size : 110,000 square meters

School population : 350

International student proportion: 12%

School Introduction❗️

❗️Let 's talk about the entrance test and time first. All grades require a UKISET test report, and Year789 can be enrolled. ❗️ Y7 and Y8 register one year in advance✅Registration must be completed before October of each year. The school will require students to participate in a multi-person interview/single interview. The annual test time is around mid-to-late October . ❗️ Year9 registers three years in advance✅The test is conducted in October and November of the year of admission. Year10 and 12 admission is conducted one year in advance (there are fewer places). At the same time, students need to take tests in mathematics, English, critical thinking, essays and elective tests . ⚠️The content is relatively cumbersome. If you need a detailed admission process, welcome to Didi📪

❗️The school's workday schedule is about getting up at 7:30 in the morning, breakfast at 8, church at 8:45, 4 classes from 10:15 to 1:15, lunch and extracurricular activities from 1:45 to 2:45, classes in the afternoon until 5:05 ✅Then there is extracurricular activities, dinner at 6, and homework time after dinner❗️Senior students are basically single rooms, the school only has day students and full boarding students⚠️There are two classes on Saturday morning, and there are various on-campus activities for boarding students in the afternoon and Sunday (drama, singing, tennis, speech, music are the most outstanding in this school) and organized outings

❗️The school also provides excellent academic support for students. All international students are required to take one-on-one EAL courses. Each student has his or her own tutor who will follow you until graduation✅At the same time, the school will arrange career planning and subject selection planning lectures for students. The school will specially invite professors from Oxford and Cambridge to train students for interviews and tests✅Currently , Year 10 and Year 12 are fully booked in September 2024, and there are very few places in each grade of Year 789❗️If you are also interested in this school, hurry up and contact us👀

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