🔝100🇬🇧Private school introduction: Mount Kelly Middle School

The previous issues were all about girls schools. Some people came to dd to ask if there are any schools with better sports. So today Teacher Fried Fish came with Kelly Mountain Middle School❗️Today we welcome the ninth private school introduction: Kai Mount Kelly College

❗️Mount Kelly Middle School will be referred to as MC from now on🤣 . The school is located in Devon, England, in the southwest of England, about 4 hours' drive from London. The school is very big and famous for its sports. Don’t be impatient yet. Wait until Mr. Fried Fish eats some French fries and then talk to you slowly. Don’t panic❗️

School Category✅ : Mixed school, day classes and boarding available

Date of establishment⏰ : 1877

School size 🏫 : 61w square meters, super 🈚️ large

School population👪 : about 600 international students ratio: 75% local students, 25% international students

School introduction❗️

MC's swimming team is famous in the UK. Since the establishment of MC's swimming team in 1978, more than 100 swimmers have participated in large and small events around the world, including but not limited to the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, etc. A total of 8 Olympic medals and 16 Commonwealth Games medals were won. A total of 27 medals were won at the Paralympic Games. In 2016, MC introduced eight 50-meter swimming lanes in the school that meet Olympic standards. In 2022, a total of 12 students will be selected for the British national team. The school will provide a series of help, from coaches, venues, meals, recovery facilities, and training to help students with swimming talents. If you are also a student who is good at swimming, you might as well give it a try.

✅In addition to being famous for swimming, the school also has all the other facilities. The school has a total of 7 dormitories, one is a primary school, three are girls' dormitories, and three are boys' dormitories. There are about 350 students in the middle school, of which 200 are boarding students. Students of the same grade will be arranged on the same floor, with kitchens and lounges. On weekends, there will be various types of activities for boarding students to participate, because MC believes that academics In addition, the overall development of children is also very important. The school is a manor-style school, which meets the expectations of many parents for British private schools.

✅Courses offered: two-year GCSE, two-year Alevel, and the familiar PreA. In 2022, GCSE A*A grades were 52.6% and Alevel A*A grades were 43.5%. The school is known as one of the most cost-effective boarding schools in the UK, with only about £35k per year 💷 , including accommodation, tuition, meals, most activity fees, etc.

At present, the school still has vacancies. Admission requires passing subject tests, OPT and interviews. The school needs guardians, so please apply as usual❗️

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