🔝100🇬🇧Private school introduction: Cheltenham College

Since the last 🇬🇧 private school dormitory video, many UUs have also seen the full picture of the dormitories of British private schools, and are becoming more and more interested in British private schools😊 With the end of the admission season in September 23 , it will soon usher in Applications for admission in September 2024❗️Today let’s take a look at the thirtieth bulletin introduced by British private schools (so many have been posted🤯 ) : Cheltenham College (Cheltenham College)

❗️ Cheltenham is a member college of the Rugby Group. The school is located in central England. It only takes about an hour to get here from Birmingham and about two hours from London Airport Let’s take a look at the school together👀

School Category✅ : Mixed School

Date of establishment⏰: 1841

School size🏫 : 300,000 square meters

Number of students👪 : 750 International students Ratio: 13% (about 100 international students)

School introduction❗️

✅Most students choose full boarding, which means that students will spend most of their time at school, so the school provides a complete and diverse weekend activities and academic program, including: sports, music and drama, polo, Claypot shooting, climbing and pottery etc. In addition, the school also encourages students to participate in voluntary activities. Every Wednesday afternoon is called Service Day. In the afternoon, students can choose to participate in community activities or charity work. The school has a total of 11 student dormitories, six boys' dormitories and five girls' dormitories. Each dormitory has a male/female housemaster who will accompany the children living in the dormitory. Create a warm family environment. In addition, support is provided by a team of experienced tutors, and students have almost daily contact with their tutors.

✅The school adheres to the sports and travel rules of the aristocracy. Classics and traditional British aristocratic sports are the characteristics of the school. The school is good at polo, equestrian, rowing, and shooting; it will arrange for students to travel. The school provides Oxbridge preparatory courses and tutors students for interviews and written examinations. 79% of students achieved A*B in the 2023 Alevel exams. All students who have received the Oxbridge Con will enter Oxbridge

✅The school's courses are available from 13+, and you can choose Year 9 admission, Year 10 admission, and Year 12 admission. IGCSE courses need to be inquired separately 💯 Year 10 admission requires completion of English and mathematics tests, and interviews ❗️ Alevel admission requires completion of English and course selection tests ❗️ For students going from GCSE to Alevel, they must have 5 B or above subjects before they will be considered❗️ Alevel students can choose 3-4 plus EPQ. For GCSE students, B2 level, Alevel students need to reach C1 level

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