🔝100🇬🇧Private school introduction: National School of Mathematical Sciences

Doesn’t the name of this school look like an ordinary high school in China? Hahaha❗️The school is the only boarding school in the UK that fully invests in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). Today we take a look at the twenty-first introduction of British private schools: The National Mathematics and Science College

❗️The school is not big, but its results are very good. A large number of people go to Oxbridge every year. The school is located in Coventry, next to the University of Warwick. Let’s take a look at the school’s situation below👀

School Category✅ : Mixed School

Date of establishment⏰: 2016 School size🏫 : 40,000 square meters School population👪 : 150 International student ratio: 40%

School introduction❗️

✅The school's competition projects are really dazzling. The various science competitions are really impressive. Basically, the school has won awards in science competitions in the UK, such as AATP Physics Cup, Biology Olympiad, EUCLID Mathematics Competition, and British Olympiad. Half of the members of the chemistry team are from this school, which is very abstract. The competition in the school is really strong. Basically, 20% of the students enter Oxbridge every year to study science, engineering and medical related courses💯

✅The school only offers one-year PreA and two-year Alevel. PreA courses require people over 15 years old. While improving English, PreA can also take courses in mathematics, biology, physics, computers, economics, and chemistry to advance to Alevel. At that time, the school required students to take 4 Alevel courses, and each course required 5 hours of teaching time per week. International students needed to take EAL, and the school also provided free competition training👍

✅The dormitories and campus are very new and basically have modern facilities. The school also has many clubs: basketball, football, Frisbee, running, rock climbing, etc. Admission requires a math test, an English grammar test and an English composition test, and there will be an interview after being drunk. The school’s A*A score in 2022 was 77%, ranking 7th among co-ed schools in the UK💯

There is still no 🆓 fee to apply for Fried Fish, and the school currently has 🈳️ places❤️

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