🔝100🇬🇧Private school introduction: Christ Public School

The CAT4 questions will be replied to you slowly in the past few days. Too many people dd us🥹 and it’s really hard to come back. Today we will talk about the schools that can start accepting 🈸️ in 24 years. They are also among the top 100 famous schools in the UK. Today we welcome Here comes the 18th introduction to British private schools: Christ's Hospital School

❗️At first glance, you may think that hospital means yiyuan, but it is not true. Hospital here will be regarded as Hospitality, which means hospitality. We abbreviate it as CH 💯The school is located in Southern England, between Brighton and London , only an hour to the center of London~ So what are the school’s specialties ? Let’s take a look together👀

School type✅ : Co-ed school, 93% are boarding students

Date of establishment⏰: 1552 School size🏫 : 490,000 square meters School population👪 : 900 International student ratio: 12%

School introduction❗️

CH is a traditional private boarding school in the UK and one of the oldest public schools in the UK. CH is famous for its blue robe uniform, so CH will also be called a blue robe public school, which represents its belief and self-confidence. The school has a total of 550 music lessons every week, including 170 middle school piano students. The school has 25 music practice rooms, a recording studio equipped with advanced equipment, a theater that can accommodate 500 people, and a concert hall that can accommodate 750 people; Christ Public School is a secondary school in Wai 1⃣️ that participated in the Queen's 90th birthday celebration music performance , the school will send students to the Royal Conservatory of Music for further studies. Every year, students enter the University of Cambridge to study music, and some students receive scholarships from professional music schools. The school will hold a musical performance with the participation of all students during lunch time every day.

✅The sports performance of Christ Public School is very excellent, and the school's sports facilities are very complete. The school has a total of 1,200 acres of sports grounds. It includes 21 courts, 1 sports ground that can be used in the morning and evening in all seasons, gymnastics room, 6 squash courts, 7 basketball courts, 1 swimming pool, 15 tennis courts, 12 cricket courts, and a gym and dance studios, etc. The school cafeteria was used as a filming location for the Harry Potter movies. The school's own church is very grand, the organ is the largest in southern England, and the carvings on the church windows have the father of Edward VI, which is not found in any other church. The school's Sports Hall (sports ground) is a very modern sports venue

✅The school has excellent results, with 77% A*B in Alevel, 74% A*A in GCSE, and an average IB score of 40.3 in 2022. About 10 students enroll in Oxbridge every year

It is currently accepting admissions for 2024 (deadline on October 23). The school has IGCSE, GCSE, and Alevel. You can apply. Alevel admission requires 4 GCSEs with 7 points and 4 GCSEs with 6 points. It is still free of charge🆓🈸️

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