🔝100🇬🇧Private school introduction: Blundell Middle School

I don’t know if you have any new insights after reading the previous issues of CAT4 problem solving❓Are they all relatively difficult ? It’s okay☺️Fried Fish is going to be happy in this issue. Fried Fish slowly started to introduce the schools in his hands to everyone. Let everyone have a clear understanding of British schools. Now we welcome the sixteenth issue of private school introduction: Blundell's School

❗️ Blundell's is located in Devon, England, in the southwest of England. It is the protruding area in the lower left corner, close to the seaside. Several features: close to the sea Rugby specialty Hockey specialty Few international students Big school Manor School The national park is next door to the school Let’s take a look together 👀

School Category✅ : Mixed school, day and boarding available

Date of establishment⏰: 1604 School size🏫 : 410,000 square meters School population👪 : 650 International student ratio: 10%

School introduction❗️

Blundell Middle School is one of the oldest middle schools in the UK. Its founder, Peter Blundell, was one of the richest businessmen in Elizabethan England. He left money and land when he died in 1601. In 1604, he Home, this school was established to preserve good learning and true religious faith. From its earliest days, Blundell School had links with Balliol College, Oxford, and Sydney Sussex College, Cambridge, which continue to this day. The school is located in the suburbs next to the Tiverton River in Devon, and you can enjoy the picturesque British countryside scenery around the campus. Named "TOP50 UK Co-ed boarding school by Alevels" by Best Schools in 2019

✅These activities are really dazzling to see. The school has nearly 350 music classes a week. The school has 3 choirs, 3 orchestras, 2 jazz bands, and 2 string and wind ensembles. The school has its own theater for students to use for drama performances. The school's art department provides photography, design, fine art, painting, 3D printing, ceramics and other subjects. If you choose to major in art, you will also have the opportunity to visit art museums and galleries in London and Paris. The school offers football, basketball, hockey, volleyball, tennis, rugby, swimming, gym, yoga, Pilates, track and field, cross country, golf, surfing and more

✅Looking at academics, students are promoted to Oxbridge every year. In 2019, 3 students were promoted to Oxford University. The proportion of AA* is nearly 50%, 5% of students choose medicine, and 5% of students will choose law. , has excellent performance and is deeply loved by the local middle class in the southwest region. The school accepts relatively few GCSE students, and they basically start in Year 9. There are no places this year❌Admission requires math and English tests and interviews, and there is a course selection test for Alevel✅

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