🔝100🇬🇧Private school introduction: Stoner Middle School

Unknowingly , I have written about more than fifty British middle schools🇬🇧Looking forward to introducing more middle schools to you✅The school we are going to talk about today is a strong equestrian school💯Today we welcome the fifty-first introduction to our private school Issue: Stonar School

Stonar is a school located near Bath. The school has direct buses to the center of Bath. It only takes about 20 minutes to get there . It is also very close to Bristol . The school is located in the central and western part of England. Let's go together. Take a look at the school👀

School type✅ : Mixed school

Date of establishment⏰ : 1895

School size🏫 : 330,000 square meters

School population👪 : 430 people

Ratio of international students: 20%, only 8 Chinese students

School introduction❗️

❗️The school’s equestrian skills are very good. It has its own horse farm. There are 64 stables in the school’s horse farm. Currently, 33 stables are occupied. The school welcomes students to bring their own horses to the UK . ✅ But the school also made it clear. It means that students need to be responsible for taking care of them. It does not mean that they come and ride and leave after riding❌The school’s horse farm has professional coaches and feeding teams👬The school’s horse farm is a venue certified by the British Equestrian Association, which means that this horse farm is only for you Open to students ✅At the same time, students can also take the L1 and L2 certification themselves. Students can take the L3 certification after reaching the age of 16 💯At the same time, the school also encourages students to participate in competitions, such as NSEA, JFS, BD Team Quest 🏆At the same time, the school will also take the exam every week There are intra- school competitions🏇 Please swipe right for more facility maps👉

❗️One thing that boarding students are more concerned about is what they usually do❓In fact, the schedule from Monday to Thursday is roughly the same. School will end around 4 to 4:30, normal activities, dinner, homework, lights out and sleep✅ On weekends, the school has fixed sports activities on Saturday morning. In the afternoon, students can arrange freely . There is brunch on Sunday morning . In the afternoon, they will basically arrange to go out, such as going to the cinema, Bath, Bristol, London, etc.✅

❗️The interesting thing about the school’s curriculum is that the school has a 3-year Alevel, which you can understand as PreA+two-year Alevel, but the school does not offer a separate one-year course, which means you must complete 3 years in this school. Year's course✍️The school's entrance test is CAT4, English test, interview✅For GCSE students, if your IELTS level is in the range of 4.5-5.0, the school will require you to take more English classes, but normally it is Requires a level of 5.5❗️For Alevel, the school requires a level of 6.0-6.5❗️Currently there are still vacancies in this school that you can apply for. If you are also interested in equestrian, hurry up and get the teacher dd rice cake📥

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