🔝100🇬🇧Private school introduction: King Edward School - Witley

There are still places in the school that we can seize🐛Today we are going to talk about something different, the IB school in the UK❗️Many parents think that in the UK there are all Alevels but no IB, no, no, no, no❗️There is an IB school, and it is quite a good one. British private schools Today we welcome the twenty-second introduction to British private schools: King Edward's School Witley

❗️ KEW is one of the few schools in the UK that offers IB courses. Of course, the school also offers traditional Year 9, GCSE and one-year IGCSE. The school also provides GCSE preparatory courses. The enrollment grade is 11-19 years old Let’s take a look at the school That’s the situation 👀

School Category✅ : Mixed School

Establishment time⏰ : 1553 School size🏫 : 420,000 square meters School population👪 : 450 people

International student ratio: 10%

School introduction❗️

✅The school is located in Surrey, a wealthy area in South London; the school is located in a forest, with well-designed large public green spaces and spacious sports fields, plus new laboratories and design centers, providing students with an excellent learning and living environment environment; the school's sports, music and art facilities are very complete, with large sports venues, football fields, basketball fields, cricket fields, baseball fields and indoor sports fields. The school has 8 dormitories, including Crafton and Queens, built around the lake with a beautiful environment. Senior students have separate bedrooms and study rooms, shared living rooms and various living and entertainment facilities. The school has a long history, history and heritage. It is a Christian mixed school established by the Bishop of London. The school has close ties with the British royal family, London City Hall and the Christian Church. The tradition is well maintained and attracts attention.

✅IB courses are offered with excellent results. There are many opportunities for exchange students from various countries. More than half of the students in the school choose IB . The average score is 34 points ( the world standard level is 29 ), A-Level A*-A is 35.3%, GCSE 7-9 is 57.2% , and the school regularly has exchange courses

✅The school is committed to providing a variety of musical instrument teaching to meet the different interests of students. The school’s music school consists of a recital room, a stage courtyard, classrooms, and recording equipment. In addition, the Selborne Room and Charter Hall are frequently used for concerts. There is also a well-stocked library. Whether during term time or during the holidays, the school offers a wide range of outdoor activities and activities throughout the year.

There are still vacancies in the school, and it is still free to apply for Fried Fish❤️ A written test and interview are required, and there is a course selection test for Alevel

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