🔝100🇬🇧Private school introduction: Middleton Middle School

The long-awaited one has just come out❗️A school that has been asked by many uu recently👀 Near Manchester City✅ Half-term provides accommodation✅Super friendly northern private school✅Today we ushered in the fiftieth issue of private school introduction : Myddelton College 💯

Middleton is a school in northern Wales, about an hour's drive from Manchester and Liverpool 🚗 You may think that Wales is very far away, but in fact North Wales is very close to cities in northwest England such as Manchester City and Sheffield Below Let’s take a look at this school together👀

School type✅ : Mixed school

Date of establishment⏰ : 1859

School size🏫 : 150,000 square meters

School population👪 : 370 people

Ratio of international students: 20%, only about 18 Chinese students

School introduction❗️

❗️One of the friendly things about Middleton for boarding students is that the dormitories are open during the school’s mid-term period, and there is no need to pay extra fees . ✅It ’s all included in the whole year’s fees❗️The average teacher-student ratio is 1: 5. Every child can be seen. In the traditional Tutor system, every child can communicate and talk to his or her tutor if he encounters any problems. Small class teaching, Year 10-Year 13, a walking class system, elective courses, generally no more than 10 students per class. Each child's academic path plan can be different.

❗️The school has weekends. One day will basically organize outing activities, such as day trips to nearby cities or shopping in the town . 💅The other day is basically school or rest at school♨️Every day in school is basically 4:30 After class, there will be many different club activities, then dinner, self-study ✅Middleton has a horse farm (including stables), football field, rugby field, tennis court, indoor sports field, rock climbing wall, squash hall, gym, etc. 🏟️There are tennis elite academy and football elite academy on campus, which can train professional athletes and coaches. It is also the British triathlon training base. The vice principal in charge of physical education was a professional football player, and the tennis head coach is one of the few Level 5 professional coaches in the UK. All coaches and teachers have rich coaching or competition experience. The school has rich industry resources in the field of sports and will lead students to participate in competitions at all levels and even refer students to professional clubs.

❗️The school's supervision of electronic devices is relatively strict. Students in grade 10 and below still need to hand in their mobile phones at night. Even if mobile phones can be used in schools in grades 11-13, they cannot appear in the teaching area. They are only allowed in the teaching area. The dining hall and dormitories are available👍The school currently has two on-campus boarding units, both of which are double rooms with shared bathrooms. Howell's is the dormitory for Years 11-13, and George's is the dormitory for Years 3-Year10. There is a public rest area where students can rest, watch TV, play games , etc. There is also a separate area for quiet semesters in the senior dormitory to meet the students’ self-study needs💯

❗️There are currently 🈳 places available to apply for admission in September 24. Admission requires English test, math test and interview 💻The school also accepts transfers in January and 2-4 weeks of testing terms ✅Uu who want 🈸 , hurry up and dd us Oh 📥

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