🔝100🇬🇧Private school introduction: Russell Middle School

Attentive friends will probably find that there are actually many schools concentrated in the south of England, such as London and Cambridge. In fact, when I communicated with a parent yesterday, Fried Fish also emphasized one point: I don’t know if any of you have I found that the atmosphere in the north is actually more friendly than the south (based on British culture). Secondly, to put it bluntly, the cultural environment in the north is actually more receptive to multiculturalism, and everyone will be friendlier🏠 . Fried fish is here Having been here for so many years, I can obviously feel it, so I don’t like going to London either 😅 , anyway, to get back to the subject, today we have the fifteenth episode of private school introduction: Rossall School

❗️Russell Middle School is in the north of England, close to Manchester❗️A few points you can pay attention to: famous for football famous for golf famous for piano famous for choir close to the sea big school PreA IGCSE IB Let’s take a look 👀

School Category✅ : Mixed school, day and boarding available

Date of establishment⏰ : 1844

School size🏫 : 650,000 square meters School population👪 : 630 International students ratio: 25% international students ( 🇨🇳 about 34 students)

School introduction❗️

Let’s talk about activities first. If you have paid attention to this school, this school is famous for its golf, choir, piano and football. The A-level piano score is close to 50% A*A, and the school provides all Steinway pianos and provides portfolio tutoring. The school’s music teachers are basically all graduates of the Royal Academy of Arts . Golf is one of RS’ strengths. In the 21/22 season, the school’s golf center was rated No. 1 in the UK by ISGA. The choir is known as the best among the best. The school has its own chorus theater, which is divided into three levels for training: entry, advanced and advanced. You can see the pictures for yourself😅The football team trains with the English League One team FTFC ~ I'm excited💓Fei Jue , the former coach of Manchester United I personally unveiled the new training ground for this team🐮

✅Having said all that, I still have to return to study. The school provides PreA courses, most of which are English courses, and then take 5-6 GCSE courses. In fact, for many domestic junior high school and high school students, PreA courses can help them quickly. You improve your English 💯 and adapt to the British teaching system. , and then there is also a one-year GCSE course, but only if your English level is higher than PreA. There is also foundation. This is not the kind of preparatory course we are talking about, but if your English is still worse than PreA, then you can choose to study this, and then Then enter Alevel, which will be easier than PreA, and you can also progress to Alevel.

✅After getting drunk, when it comes to this, some parents actually prefer A*A schools with more than 80%, and some parents prefer this traditional British private school . I don’t know which category you will fall into❓You can still apply for the school now~ Fried fish is also free of charge🆓application❤️

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