🔝100🇬🇧Private school introduction: Kent Secondary School, Canterbury

You may still feel a little strange about this school, but it doesn’t matter. Fried Fish will take you to see it together and dig deeper into the background of this school. Maybe you will also like it Isn’t it 😊 It’s a big school, close to the sea, and has pastures. Isn’t this perfect? A proper manor-style school🎉Today we welcome the eleventh episode of private school introduction: Kent College, Canterbury

❗️Kent Secondary School, Canterbury, we will call it KCC for short. The school is located in Canterbury, in the southeast of England. It’s about an hour and a half drive from London. The school can’t be described as very big, it can only be described as giant 😅 Fried Fish just finished a meeting with them a few days ago, let’s take a look at what is worth paying attention to in this school ❤️

School Category✅ : Mixed school, day and boarding available

Date of establishment⏰ : 1885

School size🏫 : 320,000 square meters (seems to be excluding pasture area😅 )

School population👪 : about 650 people

Ratio of international students: 70% local students, 30% international students (only 7% Asian students)

School introduction❗️

KC is not a very competitive school, which means that KC is not a selective school, but even if it is not selective, the school's results are still above average. In the 2022 Alevel exam, 70% of Alevel A*-B levels are obtained. Around 40% are A*A at GCSE. Even many selective schools may not be able to achieve such results. It is worth noting that in addition to Alevel, the school also offers IB courses ❗️Those who want to come to the UK to study IB should make their own points 💯The teachers in the dormitories are also quite strict. If you use computers or mobile phones frequently, the teachers will stop you❗️

✅KC ’s campus environment cannot be described as good. Let’s analyze it from the following perspectives. 1⃣️The ranch mentioned at the beginning, the school provides free equestrian lessons, no additional registration is required, and is open for use from Monday to Sunday. 2⃣️The school will build a dormitory specifically for sixth form students in 2024. 35 additional rooms are provided, and each room has a bathtub~ 3⃣️The school has an international study center. What does this mean? The school will provide additional EAL courses and prepare you for university applications, including PS, RL, interviews, etc. About 3 % -4% of students progress to Oxbridge every year❗️

✅There are no classes on school weekends, and weekend activities cannot be described as exciting. The school provides more than 150 activities on weekends: rugby, swimming, outdoor trips, museum visits, overseas exchanges (France is very close), movie nights , basketball, rowing, singing and dancing, drama, debate, tennis, etc. 😅 Lots and lots.

✅Admission instructions: The school does not require CAT4, only OPT and interview. If students are currently studying at IG, they need to provide scores in 5-6 subjects, and the scores need to be 6 or above (selected subjects). The school requires guardians ~ This school Application is still free🆓 , come and dd us❗️ There are still vacancies in September 23✅

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