🔝100🇬🇧Private school introduction: Malvern Secondary School

I believe everyone is familiar with this school❗️This school is also one of the few schools in the UK that offers IB courses and PreA❗️It should be more popular with everyone. We have also joined more and more schools to provide you with choices. Oh❤️ The application for admission in September 24 will begin soon Today we will take a look at the 31st introduction to British private schools: Malvern College (Malvern College)

❗️Malvern is located in the center of England, only 45 kilometers away from Birmingham. It only takes an hour to drive to ✅It is also very convenient🏎️Malvern Secondary School is located on the east side of Malvern Hill, with a view of the Severn Valley and Evesham Valley. Beautiful view.

School Category✅ : Mixed School

Date of establishment⏰ : 1865

School size🏫 : 1.02 million square meters

Number of students👪 : 700 International students Ratio: 15% (about 100 international students)

School introduction❗️

✅Malvern has always been at the forefront of educational development. The IB curriculum was introduced in 1992 . The school is established as one of the forward-thinking IB schools. Many students have been admitted to world-famous schools in the UK, Europe and North America, with excellent IB scores. Most students have been admitted to G5 and American Ivy League schools, with half of the students taking IB courses and Alevels ; the average IB score is 37 points❓❗️, in the past Within a few years, 25 students achieved IB scores of 40 points 💯 (38 is sufficient for Oxbridge admission ) . As for Alevel graduates, 7-8% are promoted to Oxbridge every year🤙

✅Malvern ’s alumni are mostly political figures, businessmen, literary authors, Nobel Prize winners, Olympic athletes, etc.: James Mead ( 1977 Nobel Prize in Economics); Joseph Wenzel ( Prince of Liechtenstein); Fu Houmin ( famous Hong Kong architect and designer), etc. 👏

✅Malvern Middle School is also a British SAT test center📖 . Every year , many students enter North American universities, including Chicago, Harvard, NYU , Princeton and other North American universities; Malvern Middle School enjoys a high reputation in sports🏀 , art design✍️ , performance💃 , etc. And continues to be one of the best schools in the UK. There are high scholarships for drama, performance, music, sports, etc. to attract middle school students from all over the world; various facilities are excellent. The college’s multi-purpose sports center was built in 2009 and has a line dance room, gym, and rock climbing wall. , squash courts, indoor swimming pool and shooting range. The school has partnerships with regional cricket and rugby unions, and is the winter training ground for Worcestershire County Cricket Club.

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