🔝100🇬🇧Private school introduction: Sidcot Secondary School

It’s coming again❗️More and more British private schools are introduced, and you uu can have more choices👀Today we continue to talk about schools near Bristol, which is not far from London❗️Today We also welcome the 46th issue of private school introduction: Sidcot School 💯

Sidcot is in the southwest of England, only a 30-minute drive from Bristol🚗 . The school is also famous for equestrianism . The school also offers PreGCSE and one-year GCSE courses . Let’s take a look at the school together .

School type✅ : Mixed school

Date of establishment⏰ : 1699

School size🏫 : 610,000 square meters

School population👪 : 550

International student ratio: 25%

School introduction❗️

❗️The school has a total of 4 dormitories, two boys and two girls ✅The school starts to provide accommodation from the seventh grade, which is the stage of enrollment at the age of 11. From Year 7-9, there are usually 3 people in a dormitory, GCSE stage and Year 12 There are two people in one dormitory. In Year 13, most students live in single rooms . ✅The school does not provide accommodation during holidays and midterms . ❗️After class every Sunday, the school will encourage children to do various activities. For sports (rock climbing, equestrian, skating, ball games, etc.), the school also has its own horse farm. Some students will transport their own horses to the school. At the same time, the school also has professional equestrian coaches and provides many opportunities to participate❗️Like Equestrian students must not miss this school🤪The school has various on-campus clubs on Saturdays , and students can also take the shuttle bus to downtown Bristol ✅On Sundays the school will travel to London , Bath, York, Manchester, etc. Of course, most of the school facilities on Saturdays and Sundays are open to boarding students.

❗️In addition to traditional GCSE and Alevel, the school offers PreGCSE and one-year GCSE courses. The school also offers IB courses for 12th grade students . ✅In the one-year GCSE, the school prefers this course as a bridge course. Rather than an academic course, students are free to choose whether to take the GCSE exam. At the same time, the school also has Chinese teachers who can teach GCSE and Alevel Chinese courses🧑‍🏫Of course , the school also offers BTEC courses in sports and business✅

❗️ Sidcot is not a selective school. The school entrance test is Password English and your own math test, and of course there is an interview ✍️ We have also specifically asked that there are currently vacancies for all grades in the school. At the same time, the school also accepts January and Transfers in April✅ Transfers for grades 11 and 12 are not accepted in January, and transfers for grades 10/11/13 are not accepted in April.

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