🔝100🇬🇧Private school introduction: Hurtwood House Secondary School

I'm sorry for delaying the update during Easter time😅 Let's introduce private schools in the UK. There are still places available today . Today we will talk about Hurtwood House Secondary School (Hurtwood House) School)

❗️As many private schools in the UK are full, some unknown or not very popular schools are also appearing in everyone's choices. This is good news for students applying for Alevel and IGCSE. . The school is located in southwest London: Surrey, 38 miles from central London 🏎️

School type✅ : Mixed school, mostly boarding students

Date of establishment⏰: 1970

School size🏫 : 200 acres

School population👪 : 350 International students ratio: 25%

School introduction❗️

✅The school only provides IGCSE and Alevel courses, and does not provide two-year GCSE, so the school focuses on performance and admission rate. Hurtwood House is one of the best-performing A-Level high schools in the UK, a day and boarding school in the Greater London area. Among them, the AA* rate is 58.5%, the AB rate is 85.9%, and the AC rate is 96.3%. The proportion of students entering Oxbridge every year is very high. The school is committed to providing students with professional A-Level courses and integrating art subjects and basic subject education. Integrated to fully prepare students for university and future life, Hurtwood House ranks 65th among private schools in the UK with its first-class teaching quality and excellent academic results. The school provides additional language training courses for students whose native language is not English. These students will be required to take a unified English proficiency test when they enter the school. The school groups students according to their English scores and arranges students into different classes according to different teaching progress and teaching content. In this way, all students receive teaching arrangements that are tailored to their individual circumstances despite their existing English proficiency. At the same time, teachers will adjust students’ learning content at any time based on individual student progress.

✅Life close to university campus. Although always looked after by housemasters and other staff, the school gives students respect and freedom of choice. Overall, there is a new way of life here, a warm interpersonal relationship, and a friendly atmosphere of trust between teachers and students. The school has many clubs, including chess, band, mountain biking, equestrian, golf, hockey, rugby, tennis, golf, paragliding, cross-country, etc. Students can participate in all club activities, and the school organizes them every weekday afternoon different activities

There are still vacancies in the school🈸️ , and the application for fried fish is still free🆓 ~

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