🔝100🇬🇧Private school: St. Bees Public School

Long time no see👀Friends~ This series is always driven by you, and it has not been updated for a long time🇬🇧Private school, today we are here, finally here, today we welcome the British private school Part 28 of the introduction: St Bees School

❗️St . Bees School is located in northern England, only two and a half hours away from Manchester. The school is adjacent to the Lake District National Nature Park. It is the alma mater of Mr. Bean😯 , the father of allergies, the British Secretary of State, the British Lord Chancellor, etc. Oh❗️Let ’s take a look at this school together👀

School Category✅ : Mixed school establishment time⏰ : 1583 School size🏫 : 1.01 million square meters Number of students👪: 150

International student ratio: 25% ( 🇨🇳Only 10 people)

School introduction❗️

✅St . Bees School is one of the only 100 public schools in the UK. It was once ranked in the top 40 in the UK and the top 24 in the UK. It has a long history and cultural heritage of 439 years and is the oldest school in the UK. It is one of the nine major public schools in the UK and has been visited by the British royal family three times. St. Bees is one of the schools that has won the most Duke of Edinburgh International Awards. The school’s directors all graduated from the University of Oxford or Cambridge in the UK. The school has its own professional and systematic Oxbridge G5 admission guidance system. It also has a world-famous university admissions guarantee plan and a scholarship project plan, as well as the UK Russell University Alliance admission guarantee plan💰

✅The educational philosophy of St. Bees is to cultivate aristocrats, educate people as a whole, and become citizens of all people. It will focus on the personalized growth and cultivation of each person, on the basis of ensuring students' excellent academic performance. St. Bees' mathematics is the strongest point of the school. Chinese is traditional. It is a British traditional aristocratic public school and aristocratic private school that has been in the UK for 400 years. It is a traditional aristocratic school in the UK. It is not International school, the current teacher-student ratio of the British school is 1:5, and there are currently ten mainland Chinese students in the British school.

✅The school offers grades 7-9, as well as two-year GCSE, one-year GCSE, PreA and two-year Alevel. The entrance exam requires English and mathematics tests, as well as interviews. CAT4 is not required. Currently, one boy and one girl can take the exam this year. Enrollment in September❗️

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