🔝100🇬🇧Private school: Wychwood School

Oxford✅City center✅Few international students✅Low - key✅These are the labels of this school🏷️Today is also the 58th issue of our introduction to British private schools: Wychwood School 💯

The school is located in the center of Oxford, adjacent to Oxford University . It is very convenient for life . There are not many students in the school, and there are relatively few international students. It is a relatively low-key school. Let's take a look at this low-key school together .

School type✅ : Mixed school

Established in 1897

School size : 6000 square meters

School population : 140

International student ratio: 20%

School Introduction❗️

❗️The school is not very large and has a small number of students. The school has a total of 3 buildings, namely the teaching building, the dormitory, and the art building. Because the school is located in the city center, many facilities are shared with Oxford University, such as swimming pools, libraries, and hockey fields. The school is also proud that it can share many facilities with Oxford University✅

❗️The school has one thing that attracts students. Many parents and children don’t really know what courses they want to study, but the school has its own system to discover children’s talents and gifts, so that they know what they want to study. The school will have one week in June without classes for each grade, and all students will participate in the school’s career talk ✅Each student will have two mentors, one is a further studies mentor, and the other is a daily life mentor❗️The school also pays full attention to international students💯

❗️For A-level admission, the school's entrance tests include English, subject selection tests, and interviews✅For GCSE, admission requires English, mathematics, and interviews✅At the same time, the school can also accept transfers from Year 11 and Year 13, but it is case by case. If you have good abilities and want to study in the UK, you can give it a try👀The school also has tutoring classes for Oxford and Cambridge at the A-level stage. In 2023, the school also invited professors from Oxford University to come and give students 1-on-1 tutoring👀

❗️The school's enrollment grades are year 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 ✅Currently , there are vacancies for all grades, and the school also accepts January transfers❤️If you are also interested in this school, please come to the backstage to drop me a line📥

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