🔝100🇬🇧Private school: Fettes Public School

You may think that there are actually more schools in England, even in the south of England, but few people know that there is such a school in Scotland. Today I will introduce the sixth private school: Fettes School ( Fettes College)

❗️Fettes School is the best school in Scotland. It is located in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. The school is also called the Eton School of Scotland. Compared with other Scottish middle schools, the school follows the English academic system. Students choose GCSEs instead of Scottish Standards and can now choose between A Levels and the new IB curriculum.

School Category✅ : Co-ed school, 75% boarding students

Date of establishment⏰: 1870

School size🏫 : 40w square meters

School population👪 : about 750 people

International student ratio: less than 15%

School introduction❗️

✅Fettes School has produced many celebrities. James Bond knows it. The protagonist 007 graduated here. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair also graduated here. The filming location of Harry Potter also has Fettes School.

✅The school is located northwest of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, adjacent to urban tourist attractions, theaters, concert halls and art galleries, with convenient transportation. The main building of the school is a 19th-century Gothic castle. In recent years, the facilities have been continuously improved. Many facilities have been gradually added around the main building, including a technology center for scientific research and an all-weather sports field. Since 1978, the school has built a new exclusive golf course, shooting range, skating rink and outdoor swimming pool on its 300-acre forest campus. Students can participate in a variety of sports, such as rugby, hockey, cricket, golf, tennis, and squash. In the evening, students can participate in various clubs and societies, such as underwater sports, shooting, judo, fencing, joint military training, debating societies, and drama. , chess, war games, model railways, music societies, classic dance clubs, dormitory studies, etc.

The school has achieved impressive results in academic, sporting and cultural activities. The goal of Fettes College is: education and care. We use good and high standards as the school's code of conduct, teach students in accordance with their aptitude, and fully tap the potential of each student. Strive to cultivate high-quality, high-ability, confident and civilized talents for society.

✅Admission requirements: Alevel admission requires an English test and past test papers. Admissions and deadlines are unified every year. The enrollment is currently full. The deadline for the annual entrance exam is early November . Please come early next year❗️

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